Birthday Celebration for Teenagers

The current Covid-19 situation has changed the way families are celebrating special occasions such as birthdays.  We should not dismiss birthday celebrations because of current pandemic situation because of its significance to the birthday person.  Birthday celebrations are important family events which bond the family and create positivism and lift people’s moods, which are important in current bleak situation.

Birthday celebrations are especially important for teenagers because the celebration is an event for them to bond with their friends, who form a large part of their life and has greater influence on them than their family members.

Family members can consider the below preparation work to organize and plan a teenager’s birthdaywhile rediscovering life lessons. Show them love, care and support during this difficult time.

  1. Birthday Gifts

The wide array of online shopping sites has made buying birthday gifts convenient.  The choice of birthday gifts depends on the teenager’s interest, personality, and lifestyle.  Technological gadgets are one of the most searched categories when considering suitable gifts for the teenagers.   A new Xbox or a set of noise cancelling headphones are one of the most popular gifts, especially among teenage boys.

  1. Theme and Decoration

The choice of theme depends on the teenager’s interests and likes.  One important consideration is that the theme must be suitable for virtual celebration.  The theme must facilitate interaction among the guests online.There are currently a few popular themes suitable for virtual celebration, such as online gaming party, movie marathon and live DJ party.

As the family are spending almost all the time at home, due to the lock down situation, family members can organize family events which involve doing up the party decorations.  This is a great way to spend an eventful afternoon as a family.

  1. E-Invites

The family members can do up graphics for the e-invite before emailing the guests with the Zoom meeting ID.  As the guests are not at the party venue itself, the family members cannot announce the next agenda item in the party, such as games playing time, cake cutting session, toast to the birthday teen and present opening session.  Hence, it will be useful to include these party agenda items in the e-invite, so that the guests know what to expect and feel more engaged through the remote session.

4-Food and Beverage

Family members can plan the food and beverage according to the theme.  For example, if the theme is a movie marathon, including popular snacks that people eat and drink when watching movie, such as popcorn, nachos and soda enlivens the theme.

Presenting a home-made cake, freshly made and baked with love from the teenager’s family members is meaningful during current times.

The above preparation work will ensure the success of the birthday celebrations, bringing smiles to the birthday teenager and guests.