Challenges faced by cigar industry

The Cigar industry has been one of the oldest existing industries in the world, which is still ongoing, with a lot of changes done over time. Cigars were treated as a symbol of royalty and class by people and were not a part of the average affair for ordinary people. Since cigars required more time and effort to make and had a different style of manufacturing as well, only a few could afford it. However, with time, more and more cigar companies entered the market looking to gain some profit from the market and started making cigars that were more affordable and easy to smoke. Not only this, but the significant change also came in the experience that was provided in the tobacco. Since older cigars were only meant to give the original tobacco flavors, the new cigars came in multiple flavors with the note of spicy, peppery, sweet, and sometimes authentic. There are a variety of options in the market for cigars, which are very affordable for anyone to buy. But this is not only the reason why big names in the cigar industry had to face a lot of challenges. There are three major reasons why cigar companies have seen a lot of downloads; it continues to happen even now. Let’s have a look at three products in the market that have further decreased in the market.


These are one of the biggest reasons for the downfall of cigar popularity. Cigarettes are perhaps one of the most sold products when it comes to products made of tobacco. The smaller size and strong tobacco experience make it a choice of most of the people around the globe. Since cigars are significant and have to be used multiple times, you will have to carry it properly and pack it again after use; however, since cigarettes were small and would take a few minutes to smoke, it was preferred by users. Also, it could easily be carried in the pocket. These features made the market much better for the cigarette and very hard for older tobacco products like cigars. Another major difference between the two. Cigarettes are much costlier in price than cigars, although the experience of the cigar is much better.


It is probably one of the most known and popular reasons for the lower customer base for a cigar. Where most of the people in the world are becoming health conscious, they are trying to leave the habit of smoking. Due to this, many have adopted an e-cigarette, which provides the same sensation as cigarettes but without significant health issues. E-cigarettes can be found in various shapes and sizes and are available across the globe. 


Vapes are the trendiest and popular products right now, which is also used as a replacement for smoking to help people quit smoking. It uses a liquid that has quantities of nicotine, which is burned to form vapors and smoked like a cigar or cigarette. The popular tobacco products attract a lot of younger crowds, which have now started using vapes as their primary smoking option.

These are a few things that have decreased the user base of cigars. However, cigars like a game leaf and other brands have been providing good cigars to its customers, which will change the customer’s viewpoint about smoking tobacco. Cigars are one of the most premium ways to enjoy the best quality of tobacco leaves. Therefore, try to experience the enjoyment that you can get from a cigar, and you will never turn to anything else.

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