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Being a flight attendant is usually a “comfortable” job for one of the senior personnel at an airline. Senior flight attendants get selection when choosing the flights they will artwork for a month — bidding, as it’s known as inside the — and make easiest pay for the hours they’re inside the air.

“A flight to Asia is like a 30-hour, three-day trip,” a Chicago-based flight attendant for American Airlines, who, like everyone who spoke with Business Insider for this newsletter asked not to be named, outlined. “Those go very senior because you’d only need to work three trips a month to make a living. A comfortable living at that, when you’re at top pay.”

Despite many routes to Asia being suspended, and service on other routes being reduced, most flight attendants said that that they had no longer had any bother getting their commonplace number of artwork hours, and didn’t expect to — at least, no longer to start with.

That’s on account of some flight attendants choose to artwork fewer hours in keeping with 30 days, each on account of they’re earning easiest pay and can find the money for fewer hours, they have facet gigs to counterpoint their income, or even just because they would love or need some time off.

“I’ve actually been working more it seems, which is really surprising due to the circumstances,” the United flight attendant said. “But that’s usually totally normal around this time of year, so that’s positive. I know March is a time when many senior flight attendants take their vacation as well, which leaves some open trips.”

“I’m worried though as the virus spreads that hours and flights will be cut,” the Spirit employee said. “Especially to international destinations that we serve. It’s scary that we may lose a lot of flying.”

“They are working on pay protections for the crews who suddenly lost hours,” the Chicago-based American Airlines said. “They are also allowing people to start the month with no hours, typically you would be forced no less than 40 but on average about 70-75 hours scheduled.”

“That helps a lot when you have people who would rather not work, allow those who do, work the trips,” he added.

However, as flight schedules continue to be reduced with dropping shuttle name for, one of the flight attendants said that they had been beginning to in point of fact really feel additional frightened about their artwork situations.

Flight attendants at airlines with a troublesome paintings contract, along side American and United, said that they expected the airline to provide voluntary unpaid leaves within the match that they in spite of everything finally end up short of fewer personnel until name for possible choices once more up. Flight attendants taking those leaves would no longer be paid, then again would continue accruing seniority, would retain benefits along side healthcare, and would possibly continue the use of their employee shuttle benefits.

For any individual wanting time off, or with a side job, the cross away can also be attention-grabbing, and would indicate that the flight attendants who want to continue working will however have enough hours available.

On Wednesday, United presented it’s going to scale back its house agenda by the use of 10% and its world group by the use of 20% for April and May, and said it’s going to offer the leaves.

Before the announcement the United flight attendant said that she had heard it was once as soon as a possibility. After an email from the airline’s CEO and president, she said that while she was once as soon as however hopeful and certain, she was once as soon as beginning to in point of fact really feel relatively frightened.

“I just really hope enough people take those offers,” she said. “Everything is so uncertain right now.”

“This sort of thing is definitely unnerving,” an American flight attendant said. “Rumors of furloughs have been flying around unchecked lately, and true new hires, the ones with barely a year or two — or in some cases only a few months — under their belts are clearly distressed.”

“There are flight attendants in my base with upwards of 40 years seniority, so getting my hours in, holding decent trips — that’s always something of a concern,” she added, noting that she was once as soon as short of 10 years of seniority. “Whether or not a pandemic will make that even more difficult going forward — I suppose it just doesn’t pay to borrow trouble.”

One issue that had her in particular frightened was once as soon as the airline’s sick-leave protection, which she described as “notoriously punitive” industry-wide.

“If, like me, you have an interest in internal advancement, calling in sick can come back to haunt you,” she said. “How am I supposed to care for myself, my coworkers, and the public without sabotaging my career?”

Despite her anxieties, she said she was once as soon as moreover going to take a look at and stay positive.

“There’s very little I can do to prepare for that except try not to be frivolous in my spending, so I’m trying to just go about my life and not assume the worst.”