Get In Shape Using Health Apps Designed To Give You the Care You Need

Hectic work schedules and demanding jobs can take a toll on your body. Keeping track of your health can be cumbersome when you’re plagued with deadlines. Chances are, you might be ignoring your body’s needs of healthy food, deep sleep and physical fitness thinking you might be able to catch up on it the next week, or month. However, life doesn’t work that way and delaying taking care of yourself can leave lasting negative impact. In the short term it might not show but, over the years it will cumulate and worsen without any way to heal. So, you just can’t let this go on.

Sure, managing a busy calendar is tough and fitting self-care is difficult, but it doesn’t have to more than it needs to. If you can amass the will power, here are some apps that can get you back on the track to your happier healthier self. From monitoring you sleep cycle to food intake and exercise habits, these apps make it easier than it has ever been to stay strong and fit.



Building healthy habits is key to a successful life. As you grow older, however, it becomes increasingly hard to form new habits, but the good thing is that’s not entirely impossible and with the Habit App you will be better able to achieve your goal.

Habit is a tracking app that inquires about your short-term and long term goals and updates you on the progress you’re making. If you want to break from your sedentary lifestyle try setting workout goals, or maybe a daily step count. You can also work on other aspects of your life. You want to become an avid reader, set goals to read an hour each day. You can even assign yourself a daily or weekly self-care time to help you revitalize and rejuvenate for the upcoming days.



Whatever kind of workout you’re looking for, Sworkit has one for you. Strength, cardio or yoga, they have it all covered. You can get 5 minute to hour-long workouts which make it easier to slide it in your daily routine.


Nike Training Club

Another great exercise app on the market, the Nike Training Club (NTC) offers workouts designed by professional athletes and trainers. The customizable fitness routines allow you to sculpt your body, however, you want and you can share your progress with your friends. Or, how about you compete with them to see who can keep up. Try it, it’s an effective way to stay motivated.



Physical fitness is 20% exercise. The rest 80% has to do with your diet so if you want to get healthy you should have a food app you can rely on and MyFitnessPal is your perfect companion.

It has more than five million foods in its database making it easy to enter you meal and get a calorie count. It does the math for you letting you know the portion size you should eat and the protein content it carries. You can track what you’re consuming in real time and reach your goals with ease.



Being in the right mental space is important. It severely impacts not only your productivity and mental well-being but also your immunity and ultimately your health. So, the bouts of anxiety and depression you’re having? Don’t ignore them. Learn to manage them and overcome them with Wysa.

You can talk to it about how you feel. It gives you helpful messages to keep you motivated and having someone to talk to helps elevate the pain. The AI it uses improves with time to react better to the emotions you express. The app also offers daily meditations you can try to lessen the stress.


Final Words

Quality of life has never been higher thanks to the technological advances we have today. All you need is a good internet connection to set your system up and running. RCN offers internet plans from a variety of providers. You can choose one that suits you and subscribe. With tools and apps you need downloading fast and sharing information within seconds, you’ll have all the data you need to figure out where you’re lacking and where you’re doing well.

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