How to Use Cent Mobile to Check Account Balance?

Cent Mobile is the official mobile banking application of the Central Bank of India. You can download and install this application on your smartphone from Google Play Store. And in case you are an Apple user then this application is also available on iTunes Store.

It does not matter on which operating system your smartphone is running. (Android or iOS) You should always make sure that you install the application from the official sources. And the people who are using Android should keep a not of this.

I am specially mentioning the Android users because the APK files of the Cent Mobile are available online. But the catch is those websites that are serving the APK files are not the official website of the bank. So there is always a chance that the website hosting the APK file has altered the application.

And when it comes to the iOS users the operating system just does not allow them to install it from third-party sources. If you are an Apple user and want to install it from third-party sources then you will have to Jailbreak your device. And it won’t be good for you as it will void your warranty.


Then How to Install Cent Mobile Safely?

Now we know that the APK files can be altered which can eventually spy on your banking activities. If you download and install Cent Mobile application on your Android Smartphone. So how can you install it without being hacked or being monitored by the bad guys online?

Let me explain to you about it.

Open Google Play Store on your Android smartphone and search for Cent Mobile. The very first result you see in Google Play Store is the official app. You can verify this by checking who is the publisher of the application. If you find it being Central Bank of India then you are at the right place.


How to Use Cent Mobile for the First Time?

If you have used the Cent Mobile application prior to this then you just have to enter your User ID password to proceed. But in case you are using this mobile banking application for the first time then the process is different for you. Here is what you have to do when you are using this application for the first time.

  1. Install the application from Google Play Store or iTunes Store.
  2. Tap on New User Register Here link.
  3. Enter your bank account details.
  4. The bank will send you OTP on your mobile number.
  5. Enter the received OTP in the application. (In case it does not autofill it.)
  6. Set the MPIN for the application. (You will be suing this MPIN to login from the time)
  7. It is recommended to turn on the Fingerprint login for the Cent Mobile application after setting the MPIN.
  8. And lastly, launch the application and start using it.

I recommended you turning on the Fingerprint login to the application. Because from the next time you use the app you just have to touch your finger and you will be let inside the app. And as well all know that the Biometric passwords can help us login way faster than entering the password or the MPIN.


Steps to Use Cent Mobile Application to Check Your Balance

We have discussed where you should download and install the Cent Mobile Application. And also how you need to register yourself to use this application in case you are a first time user. Now we will learn how you can check your Central Bank account balance by using this app.

Do you know that this application also has BHIM UPI integrations? Yes, you heard it right you will be able to make and receive UPI payments with the help of this application. There are many benefits of BHIP UPI. If you wish to read about the benefits then you can follow the link provided here.

UPI or Unified Payment Interface really makes the process of receiving and sending payments seamlessly easy. Once you initiate the UPI link on your smartphone using the Cent Mobile. You will be also allowed to check your bank account balance via UPI.

But I would also like to inform you that there are many other ways to check your bank account balance as well. You can use internet banking, call customer care, give missed call, use the ATM machine, etc. You can read all the available ways in this article by title How to Check Central Bank of India Account Balance?

To check your Central Bank of India account balance using Cent Mobile Application, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Download and Install the Cent Mobile Application.
  2. Log in to the application.
  3. If using the application for the first time then follow the steps mentioned above to register yourself.
  4. Once you login tap on the Accounts button.
  5. Select your bank account. (In case of multiple accounts in CBI)
  6. The balance remaining in your account will be displayed in the Cent Mobile application.



While using the application make sure you don’t log in to your account on someone else’s mobile than yours. You should never login to mobile banking apps on your friend’s mobile. And the bank will never contact you to ask your account credentials. If you ever receive such Calls, SMS, or Email asking your credentials then you are not supposed to reply. Your bank account and your account details are always your properties and never share them with anyone.