Importance of Recent Protects Across the USA

The United States of America is facing one of the most crucial protests across the country. These protect have sparked outrage in the country over the death of a black individual in the custody of a policeman named George Floyd. Since then, there are protests all across the country. They are following these protests in each state. At the moment, there are two important aspects to be dealt with. First, the United States of America is dealing with the prevailing pandemic  commonly known as COVID-19. More than one lac deaths have been reported from this disease. More are expected as the pandemic is prevailing at a strong pace in the country. Doctors and fighting day and night in order to deal with the prevailing pandemic. Civil and societal administration is also moving side by side in order to deal with the prevailing pandemic. All these things are becoming more and more credible in order to deal with the prevailing situation in the best way possible. On the other hand, they are dealing with protests all around the country. These protect are being staged in order to condemn the brutality and injustice that was practiced by the Police Office who allegedly bent over the neck of the dead individuals. It caused his death. Celebs in their ANSI Safety Glasses, civil rights workers and activists, politicians and common citizens are showing their anger towards the police department.


Rationales Behind Inception

As one thing is quite clear that all the things are happening because of the death of the Black Individual. But the question here is that a lot of deaths happen on a daily basis. A lot of black and white people die on a daily basis. A lot of people are dying due to the prevailing pandemic. What difference another death would make? Well, the reason behind all this is very simple because this death was materialized on the basis of racism. The man who was dying was saying constantly that he was unable to breathe. And yet the police officer was holding him not to breathe. Meanwhile all this, he died. It clearly explains that the death of the man was quite intentional as well as quite racist in nature. That’s the reason, it is being condemned all over the country with a strong illustration as well as a strong manifestation in the form of protects.


Symbolic Importance

Since the Abolition of Slavery in the country, there has been a debate about whether the black possess the same rights in the country as the white men hold. A lot of famous and influential figures are present in this regard. Their morality dictates to impose equality in the nation because it is going to be the most credible as well as the most effective reason to unite the nation under one flag. The current administration is dealing with different issues already. They are dealing with the economy, health crisis, foreign policy and many other internal crises. It has become one of the most anticipated issues at the moment because it goes beyond all the political and internal issues.


Historical Perspective

Luther King is his iconic Prescription Safety Glasses is being displayed all across the country. Because he was the first black man who stood up for the rights and equality for the black men and women in the United States of America. The death of George Floyd has once again brought all of his struggles into the limelight. That’s how history is repeating itself. Historians are calling this incident as one of the most credible occasions for black men to rise up for their identity as well as for their rights in the country. Surprisingly, white men and women are walking and standing side by side with them this time.

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