Keeping Your Child's Teeth Healthy: 5 things to Know

It can be a great task keeping your kid’s teeth healthy and their mouth hygiene in the best condition. But as with any great task, comes great responsibility, and a need for it to be done effectively and efficiently. 

Bad oral hygiene in children can lead to many health issues such as cavities in teeth, bad breath, and heart disease later in life. That is why it is very important to keep your kid’s teeth healthy from a young age for them to continue on later in their adult life. 

If you’re struggling to incorporate these essential habits in your children’s daily routine, here are five habits that will help you along this journey. 


Regular dental checkups

Maintaining regular visits to the dentist, for yourself and your children, is very important to make sure your children’s teeth are in constant good health, and providing a role model example for them as well. The idea of visiting the dentist will become less scary and daunting when they feel they aren’t alone in the process. It is recommended to go to the dentist six months after your child’s first tooth has come out, and then every six months thereafter.



It is recommended that a child brush their teeth twice a day, if not after every meal. Brushing should last at least two minutes for effective cleaning. This is not always easily achievable with young mind attention spans. Set a timer and turn it into a fun game – there are several apps available to help with this. 


Eat healthy foods 

Incorporate healthier foods in your children’s diet. Avoid sugary foods and drinks to improve both overall health as well as teeth hygiene. Too much sugar can create teeth cavities and decay. Control the amount of sugary foods and drinks your kids consume to keep teeth strong and healthy. 


Don’t share germs 

Avoid sharing utensils such as bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers and any other items kids are prone to sharing with each other. Bacteria can be easily spread from mouth to mouth and passed on by sharing these items which isn’t healthy or good for your children’s mouth hygiene. Make sure to thoroughly sanitise any item that enters your child’s mouth to prevent the spread of these unhealthy germs. 


Show them how it’s done 

A great way to incorporate healthy hygiene habits into your kid’s daily routine is by showing and teaching them. Show them the amount of toothpaste needed on a toothbrush and what motions effectively clean all the teeth in their mouth, as well as how to spit out toothpaste rather than swallowing it. Later on when their teeth develop a bit more, you can show them how to floss and use mouthwash for a more effective clean.

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