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President Donald Trump on Wednesday delivered a press conference about the usa’ coronavirus response.

President Donald Trump’s mic was once as soon as on previous than he delivered a speech on the usa response to tackling the coronavirus outbreak, which has infected over 1,300 people and killed 38 others.

In a press conference at the Oval Office on Wednesday, Trump discussed he would ask Congress to offer payroll tax assist and waivers for small firms. He moreover offered a 30-day ban on travel to and from Europe and discussed healthcare companies have agreed to waive all copayments for all coronavirus treatments. (The Department of Homeland Security later clarified that the ban simplest performed to in a foreign country nationals and did not observe to the United Kingdom or Ireland).

C-SPAN caught Trump inside the moments previous than handing over his speech.

“Oh f—” Trump said with a sigh while his microphone was on before delivering the speech. “Uh oh, I’ve got a pen mark.”

He then asked his staff for “any white stuff.”

The 2nd was once as soon as posted online by the use of various Twitter shoppers:

C-SPAN moreover caught the moments after Trump delivered his speech since the cameras had been however rolling.

“OK,” Trump says with a sigh as he begins to remove his mic off his lapel.

The cameras continue rolling for each different 10 seconds previous than the flow into in any case cut back out.

Trump’s comments come after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus outbreak a virulent disease. COVID-19, the illness resulted in by the use of the virus, has spread to larger than 100 world places in every single place the arena and has infected over 121,000 people.