Scrum certification enables individuals to become competent in the working of an agile framework. Scrum Master Certification is a professional course that imparts knowledge and skills to an individual to understand the functionality of the agile framework and how they can help in improving overall workflow product development and delivery. Dedicated institutes are engaged in providing the necessary support and impart knowledge to individuals for becoming an authorized scrum master. Classroom training and interactive course materials are used for imparting knowledge about the Agile framework and thereby helping in becoming a certified scrum master.

An individual who wishes to become a certified scrum master has to select a dedicated institution imparting necessary knowledge and information under a professional scrum master certification course. One can find various institutions imparting training and education through various means like games and interactive material making individuals capable of becoming is from master and applying there to obtain knowledge. Dedicated classroom training through a team of certified individuals and professionals is delivered which helps in understanding the concept of agile framework and roles and responsibilities of a scrum master within an organization. 

An individual who wants to renew his or her scrum master certification has to follow a dedicated procedure. 

The procedure of renewing scrum master certification is listed below:

  • Applying for renewal of scrum master certification:
    An individual who wishes to renew is for our scrum master certification has to apply for its renewal six months before its expiry. Scrum master certification once obtained stays eligible for 2 years, after which individuals have to renew the same.
  • Obtaining scrum education units:
    An individual who wishes to renew scrum master certification has to obtain scrum education units or SEUs. Scrum education units can be obtained through various methods like joining webinars, interacting with different agile social groups, and enrolling oneself in dedicated institutes imparting knowledge under the scrum master alliance. Every hour spent towards attending such meet-ups results in one SEU. An individual must earn 20 SEUs which helps in the renewal of scrum master certification.
  • Updating information of SEUs on online portal:
    One has to update the scrum education units which he or she has earned throughout the renewal process on the scrum online portal. Updating this information is necessary and must be completed on time.
  • Submission of the necessary renewal fee
    After obtaining all the necessary SEUs, an individual is required to submit or deposit the necessary fee for completion of the scrum master certification renewal process. An individual is also required to submit the requisite fee i.e. $100 for renewal of scrum master certification.

The renewal process of the master certification is easy and hassle-free. An individual is only required to apply for the renewal of scrum master certification, pay the requisite fee, and attend meetings for earning scrum education units. Scrum master certification in Hyderabad or other states can help in earning SEUs. After the renewal, an individual obtains scrum master certification and membership to Scrum Alliance for a period of further 2 years which requires renewal using the same process.

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