4 Treatments to Lighten White Stretch Marks

White Stretch Marks

Have you ever noticed white marks on any areas of your body? Well, they are known as white stretch marks that are caused when you gain extra weight or due to growth.

We can say that they are tears on your skin, but they are not dangerous for your physical health. Initially, the white marks form with red or purple marks. Further, they fade to white after some time. Old or newly formed marks can be distinguished by the color of the stretch marks.

Researchers from Bilal hospital in Rawalpindi say that there is no such solution yet to completely remove these white marks but yes, some treatments can help to lighten their color. Some other medical treatments help shrink them, and sometimes, s few stretch marks go on their own.

White stretch marks are the older ones and will take time to go away.

Why? Because the blood vessels will narrow and find it difficult to boost collagen production.

This article will reveal some of the best tips to treat white marks.

Get Topical Treatment

People often look for affordable treatment and want to get rid of white stretch marks as soon as possible. Topical treatment can help you to reduce the appearance of white stretch marks.

Topical treatments include both over-the-counter and prescribed by a doctor. Using the solution regularly can lighten the tone of the stretch marks but not help you remove them completely. It might be possible that some creams can cause your skin an allergic reaction. You must consult with your doctor about your skin sensitivity and the recommended cream or solution.

Regular Exfoliation

To remove the dead skin, it is crucial to exfoliate your skin regularly. In this way, you will remove the dead skin from your body and newly formed skin from your stretch marks. If you are getting any other treatment for your white stretch marks, you need to continue regular exfoliation. Treatment alongside exfoliation can give you effective results. During the exfoliation, dead skin will be removed and it will allow the other skin treatment to penetrate deeply into your skin. In this way, the treatment will work faster and give more effective results.

Microdermabrasion – A Painless Procedure

Microdermabrasion is a treatment that is used for lightening the white stretch marks. If you are afraid to have a painful procedure, microdermabrasion will be your choice as it is a painless procedure and gives effective results. During the treatment, the professional targets the upper layer of the skin. It stimulates the skin to elastin fibers and tightens collagen.

Experts from fauji foundation hospital Rawalpindi share that there are some tiny exfoliating crystals involved in this treatment that is sprayed onto the white stretch marks. The next step involves the wand-like device that is used to remove the crystals. This tiny crystal takes away the dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin. It is not only a one-time treatment, but you have to repeat it over some time. You may hear about the side effects of this procedure but there will be redness and dryness only for 24 hours.

Laser Therapy

When we ask the people what procedure they use to remove the marks, they always say about laser therapy. Yes, laser therapy is a popular treatment for many skin issues.

During this procedure, the laser penetrates the skin and triggers regeneration. In this way, it stimulates the stretch marks tissues that lead to a fast healing process. How? Well, laser therapy triggers the melanin production in the affected area and activates the skin pigment cells. You can say that this procedure blends the stretch marks into normal skin.

You will not get effective results by only one session, but you need to go with more than one session. You should discuss every procedure with your dermatologist before starting the therapy as there are many laser therapies available but find what suits you most.

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Final Thought

4 in 5 People have white stretch marks as the white color shows how old they are. It is difficult to remove the white scars, but you can go with medical treatments to lighten them.

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