Know The Process Of AndroidTV Com Setup And Much More Info!

AndroidTV Com Setup

As technology advanced, everything changed day by day. If you look around, you will find everything evolute rapidly. The entertainment industry also changed. Since the invention of television, it is muted many times. From first normal TV to color TV to HD TV and now we have entered the era of android tv.

If you are in this article, that means you are buying an android tv or planning to buy an android tv. So, if you already taking android tv in your house, now is the time for androidtv com setup.

However, if you are looking for the best guide towards setting up an android tv, I have to say, you are in the right place at right time. In this article, we will guide you to set up a tv. And I can assure you if you once learned that, you will never forget it. Rest of your life you can do it without any experts or any guidance.

If you think it is too complex to set up like an android smartphone, then I have to correct you. Here are not as many software functions as a smartphone. Also, we will cover both the Android TV that has a Google TV interface and that have not.

We also let you know, how to use its various features and what things are where on Android tv and we will give a list of applications you could download on your Android TV. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

What Is Android TV?

Android TV is a part of the smart tv operating system developed by Google based on the android setup. It is best fitted on television sets, set-top boxes, digital media players, and soundbars.

Android TV is the successor of google tv. In other words, android tv is creating the virtual; world, what you create on your mobile phone. However, you can not think about taking calls or chatting in emails through your android smart tv. It is all about creating a simple interface like mobile, which is easy to use and navigate. The multimedia consumption, online streaming of what you do with your phone in high quality, you can do with your android tv. Although you are thinking about android tv com set up is too hard, we will here to make it too easy.

History Android TV-

Google TV shut down its availability in the market in 2014. Android TV taking the place of Google TV. the idea was warmly welcomed by the developers. Earlies google tv had not any access to apps, whereas android tv had the access to the whole google play store. The developer finds it easy to make the modification in association with mobile.

Features Of Android TV-

  •  In simple language android tv is an android os adaptive platform used for set-top boxes.
  • Moreover, android OS works as integrated software on smart TV hardware.
  • The home screen of the android tv is usually vertically functional and the interface is horizontal.
  • There has a content discovery area, where the most populated and suggested content will be found.
  • You can control it through your voice via google assistance.
  • In fact, an android tv can be controlled via Android Phone and OS watch.
  • You can access many types of google play store apps on your android tv.

Let’s get to the straight point of how androidtv com setup.

Android TV setup pre-guides-

Setting up an Android TV is not a tough thing to do. In addition, every android device comes up with a user manual guide. One can read that carefully and follow the instruction for setup. However, most of the user guide is not very easy to understand. So, here we are to give you full details and easy steps for androidtv com setup.

Android TV requirements-

Before we start to set up the android tv, check the list what we had on the list of requirements-

  • A high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • A google account
  • Google Home app on your smartphone

However, if the TV is not built-in android version, then you will need-

  • An external Android TV  device.
  • One Monitor had HDMI ports and supports HDCP.
  • One HDMI cable.

Check the list, if anything is missing then collects it quickly and get set ready for androidtv com setup.

An android tv can be set up via 3 devices or in other words, 3 processes. The first one is via mobile, the second one is via android tv remote and the third one is via using a desktop. Let’s discuss them one by one.


Turn On Android TV and pair it with its remote.

Every Android TV has a separate process for pairing a remote. It is the fast and foremost process you need to do to start androidtv com setup. However, some of the latest android TVs come with a pre-configured set-up. If you are one of those buyers, then you can totally skip the first process. The processes are-

  • Turn on the Android TV or the monitor attached to the Android TV.
  • Read carefully the instruction and follow them.
  • A checkmark will appear on the screen if your remote is connected to Android Tv.

If you own a Google Chromecast, then your remote should automatically pair up with the device. However, if the screen shows to start pairing then press the back and home button simultaneously until the light on the remote start to pulse.


Here we come to the main parts of the androidtv com setup. Once you paired the android TV with a remote, you can simply set it up using an android device like a smartphone or tablet. You can simply skip the process if you want to set up using a remote or desktop.

Follow the below instruction-

Android TV set up via phone-

  • If your choice is an android device for setting up, you press on “yes” button on the remote when the android tv device shows “Quickly set up your TV with your Android Phone?”
  • On your android device open the google application and type or say, “set up my android tv”.
  • Follow the instruction on your android TV screen and do them until found and a unique code. But careful you have to watch carefully both the device has the same code or not.
  • Now, you will find your android TTV name on your android device tap on it and carefully follow the given option.
  • And your Android TV will be ready to use.

Android TV Set Up Via TV remote-

  • If you want to set up your android tv with the tv remote press skip on the remote when the tv screen shows you “Quickly set up your TV with your Android Phone?”
  • And, connect the tv with any type of internet connection like wi-fi or ethernet cable.
  • Wait for a few minutes, for a system update.
  • After all the updates and installation click on the sign-in.
  • Sign in to your Google account on your TV.
  • Follow the given option on the screen.
  • It will lead you to complete the setup.

TV Set Up Via Desktop-

  • If you want to set up android TV with your Desktop, then press “skip” when the TV screen shows “Quickly set up your TV with your Android Phone?”
  • Connect your android Tv and desktop with the same wi-fi.
  • Select sign in on your Android Tv and came to desktop.
  • Sign in to your google account.
  • And follow the given steps that appear on the screen.
  • Your Android TV will be ready to start.

Thus, you will complete the androidtv com setup.  And enjoy your live streaming and media consumption.

The Software Update and App Update-

You completed the setup of android TV. The next step is to check for updates. As Android TV runs on Android, you need to check for android updates. Google regularly gives android updates for better service.

If you are buying the latest TV it may be on Android-12, but there are a lot of TVs that have Android 11 or Android 10. Some older TV may have been running on Android 9 even on Android 8. You should check carefully what the android version is. If you want to check the version, go to

 setting → Device Preference → About → System Update.

You will here get to know which version of android it is and if an update is available, you can do it.

After the android update, you should look for an app update. There you will find some pre-installed apps. Most of them are streaming platform apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and other genre apps.

You have to go to the google play store section for app updates. The google play store option is on the top row of your android TV homepage.

Moreover, you can update all the apps once at a similar time. To do it go to the app store then my apps section and then click on the update all option.

The Interface Of Android TV-

The Android TV device UI is very easy and simple to use. You will find all the suggestive channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play Music, and others on the left side of your android tv home screen. In the row, you will find the suggestions for that channel.

If you want to personalize your TV screen and adjust picture quality, sound quality, app permission, and others given features, you should go to the settings menu. Here you can control all the features given.

Recommended App For Android TV-

If you completed the androidtv com setup you will find some pre-installed apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and many more. However, you will surely find google play movies and  Google Play Games. But you might think of some other apps that we will recommend to you given below.

●    VLC For Android-

VLC For Android is our first recommendation. Everyone on the android platforms, heard this name many times. Even you may be one of the majority of people that used it for multimedia consumption. Almost every type of video format supports it. However, it could be one of the best apps for your android tv. Even the external source like Pen-drive, and USB port supports VLC For Android.

●    Plex-

Plex is my second recommendation for you. Plex will organize the interface in user-friendly way. You will find all of your media like photos, videos, and movies, showing everything organizes in a simple way. Moreover, plex will offer access to almost 15 HD channels to enjoy without any cost. The channels are ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS Plus, and much more. In fact as per their latest partnership with Crackle, one can stream the entire Crackle library.

●    Stream Link-

If you are a gamer or you love to enjoy gaming content the whole day you can look for this app. With a fast internet connection, you will stream your game 4k resolution at 60fps help of Stream Link.


Android TV is the newly trending tradition of multimedia consumption. You can enjoy all of your multimedia with easy-to-use features on android tv. In fact, what types of multimedia content you consumed on your mobile you can enjoy with your full family on this latest android tv.

So, is it really hard to androidtv com setup? I don’t think it will really hard for you. In addition, if you learn it once you will never need an expert to do it. So, do not waste your time, set up your android tv, and enjoy the moments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

What Is Android TV?

Android TV is a successor of Google TV. Where you can enjoy multimedia content like your smartphone.

First Android TV launch in which year?

The first Android TV was launched on 25th June 2014 and developed by Google.

What is the latest edition of Android in the market?

Android 12 is the latest version of android.

If I have an android TV and I want to set it up what should I do?

You can androidtv com setup in three ways. Via smartphone or tablet, remote, and desktop. You will find all of the processes in detail in the article.

If I want to Reset My Android TV what should I do?

If you want to reset your android tv, I will mention to you two ways, you might find one of these two on android tv.
Home Screen → Settings → Storage & Reset → Factory Data Reset
Home Screen → Settings → Device Preference → Reset

How to lock my android tv home screen?

Most android tv supports PIN lock on their home screen. You can use it.
Home Screen → Settings → Parental Control → Set Up PIN $ Confirm PIN → Save

Can I Add One more Google Account to it?

Yes, one can add more than one Google account on your android tv screen.
Home Screen → Settings → Accounts & sign-in → Add Accounts → enter account and password → Confirm & Save.

How To Change Screensaver on my Android TV?

You can change the default screensaver whenever you want. You can use your own photo & also google photo.
Home Screen → Settings → Device Preference → Screen saver → Choose any → Select & save.

If I want to use one of my google photos in Screen saver, what should I do?

First, go to android TV and open my apps section. And update the Backdrop Daydream app.
On your phone tap on the google home app and select your android tv name.
Now go to your android tv.
Settings → Ambient Mode → select google photos → select one photo → choose as a screensaver.

How Can I use my smartphone as a remote for android tv?

You will find one app on both iOS and the play store as “ Android TV Remote Control”. Download it and install it on your phone. It is the easiest and best way to use a smartphone like an Android TV remote.

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