Duotrigordle: A Daily Word Game Of 32 Words Explained In Details

Do you love to play word games? The word game is one of the oldest games but trending games all the time. Our ancestors love to play games with pen and newspaper mood. However, time has changed with technology. Today there is many word game on the market, one of those is duotrigordle.

Many of us these days also love to solve puzzles regularly. Experts in these word games are bored by the regular 8-16 word games. In fact, theft search for harder puzzles to guess more words with minimum attempts. Therefore, this word game is a perfect match for them.

At this present time, the duotrigordle is trending all over the world. This is a very challenging game mainly based on Wordle. We will discuss this game and its rules.

What is duotrigordle?

Duotrigordle is a very popular and trending puzzle game like other well-known games like Wordle and Quardle. The game offers a brainstorming activity.

The developer of the game was Brayan Chen. He wanted to offer an exciting word puzzle game for pro players. Therefore he came up with a new puzzle game that had 32-word guesses at once.

For some, it seems like the game is very hard to play. However, the developer of the game offered the game to expert players. Moreover, we all know that “practice makes a man perfect”.


About The Game-

  • This is a brain game. One can sharpen own mind through this game. 
  • You have to think differently to solve this puzzle. As there is no similarity between the two words, therefore it is a very enjoyable game.
  • The game is available on the website for free. One can play the game anytime.
  • It offers a different timing mood compared to other games. For instance, it updates new puzzles after 13 hours, therefore, one can play the game twice a day.
  • Initially, it gives 40 attempts to guess all thirty-two words. However, it is shortened to 37 attempts.
  • The game is based on new wordle games, “Octordle” and “Hexadecordle” and some others.

How To Play The duotrigordle-

As it little harder than other wordle games, some players may be frightened to play the game. However, if the player is a pro puzzle game player and wanted to get a new challenge, he should play the duotrigordle must. To know the process of the game, check the following steps.

  • Visit the official website of the game. Or go to https://duotrigordle.com/ to play the game.
  • After guessing the first letter, it automatically filled the other rows for the remaining three words.
  • The changing of the color shows the word’s exactness.
  • Green color codes as the letter are right and in an accurate place.
  • The color yellow says the letter is right but not in the proper place.
  • If the color of the letter remains unchanged that means the letter is not in the word.
  • You have to guess all the words with this process.
  • You have only 37 guesses to solve the 37 words.
  • When you solve the whole puzzle, the grid became inactive and you can not put anything after that.

The Founder Of The duotrigordle Game-

A scholar from Waterloo University, Brayan Chen developed this game. He was a student of Computer Science. Moreover, he developed this game to offer more challenging word puzzle games and give extra challenges to players. He loved to make projects. Brayan Chan developed this game based on different word game ideas. Moreover, he asked for funding in his Ko-Fi account to better the advancing the game.

What are the different options available in the settings?

The game offers several features in the setting option, to make the game more beautiful. For instance, colorblind mode, speedrun timer to know the time is taken to solve the puzzle, hide the keyboard, hide complete boards or fade out it, and wide mode. Therefore, players can choose any of the settings to get full enjoyment of the game.

The Problems To Look Out For This Game-

duotrigordle is a 32-word game puzzle. Therefore, a player needs to scroll up and down to access the game. Many players get irritated about it. Moreover, many times scrolling up and down reduced the concentration mood. The game has not still introduced any option to appear all grids at once on the screen. Therefore the developer of the game must look at it.

The Game Is Based On-

On the official website of duotrigordle, they listed some word puzzle games, that they are inspired by.

  • Hexadecordle by Alfe Rayner
  • Octordle by Kenneth Crawford
  • Quordle by @fireph
  • Dordle by Guilherme S. Tows
  • Wordle by Josh Wardle.

How Many times we can play this game in a day?

The game can not consider a daily word puzzle game. Because the developer of the game released a new word puzzle after every 13 hours. Therefore, a player can play 2 times per day. In fact, Players can refresh after every 13 hours to give the test brain.

Quick Glimpse Of duotrigordle Game-

The name of the gameduotrigordle
DeveloperBrayan Chan
The genre of the gameWord puzzle
Based onHexadecordle, Octordle, Quordle, Dordle, Wordle
Need words to solve32
Attempts to solve37
Green ShowsGreen for the letter is right and accurate in the place
Yellow showsYellow for the letter is right but in the wrong place
Not changing the colorLetter is not on the word


In conclusion, it is not a common game found in the market. Although it is based on such games, it is a more developed game than others. However,  you should pay little extra attention and skill to solve this game. Moreover, if you like taking the challenge and loves to play word puzzle game, not any games have come closer to duotrigordle.

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