Every things about silver aquamarine jewelry


Aquamarine Jewelry has been a piece of adornment for many years and continues to be the center of attention for jewelry enthusiasts worldwide. The gem’s water energy and soothing blue tones mesmerize the onlookers with its fresh vibes. Its tones are unique to wear on special occasions while subtle enough to blend in with daily fashion and attire. A simple look at the stone will fill you with comfort, calm, and serenity. If you are also thinking about getting a piece of Silver Aquamarine Jewelry for yourself, here are five unique things about the jewelry that makes it more fascinating and unique.

 Like Name, Like Face,

The gem stands up to its name Aquamarine and exudes the same vibes with its dreamy blue tones. The term “Aquamarine” derives from the Latin words- Aqua and Marine, which represent water and sea. The gem’s color resembles that of oceanic beauty and has been widely associated with various folklore referring to ocean water. You can wear the rock to experience its tranquility and feel the coolness of the water. You might come across many other Gemstone Jewelry, but just a few have like names, like faces.

Different Shades, Different Moods

Aquamarine naturally occurs in various shades of blue, each made to fit in with your moods. Like the variety of color tones in the ocean, you can find the gem in deep tale to a pale crystal blue. The color difference usually occurs according to the amount of Iron present in the composition of the rock. The fluctuating quantity of iron decides the tone of the crystal. The more the amount of Iron, the darker will be the blue hue, and the lesser the quantity, the paler the color.

You might also spot people wearing a clear blue-green toned Aquamarine Crystal studded in pure 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry. The green tone marks the presence of copper in the composition of the stone. Generally, dark-hued blues and greenish-blue tend to be the most valued Aquamarine stones.

The Gem was Once Called Differently

Another mind-blowing fact about the gem lies in its name. Gemstones have traveled a long journey parallel to that of human civilization. They have stood beside humans as their best friends over the years and continue to do the same. Also, they have transformed and changed numerous things about themselves in their journey. As for the names of the stones, did you know that our blue-tinted gem was once called differently? The Aquamarine that we know today was referred to as sea-green beryl hundreds of years ago.

Unbelievable Folklore

Aquamarine has a great history and plenty of folklore that is just as fascinating as its beauty. The gem is long believed to provide protection, and people wore it in the form of an Aquamarine Ring for generations for the same purpose. It was popular to have special guarding powers for sailors and bring them back safely from the voyage. Other benefits of the jewel help its wearer increase youth, and intelligence, bring courage and happiness and enhance foresight.

Neptune’s Favourite

According to the tales, The ancient Romans believed Neptune, the God of the Sea, had a special affiliation with Aquamarine. The legend speaks of Neptune obtaining the stone after it fell out of the sirens’ jewelry box. Thus, it has been given a particular place, the god’s favorite. Also, it has been connected to validate the protection of sailors, as Neptune wouldn’t want the stone to go back into the sea.


Aquamarine clearly depicts beauty and stands by its name and characteristics with its remarkable properties. So, now that you know the fantastic benefits of the gem, treat yourself to the incredible designs of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry at Sagacia Jewelry.

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