Everything You Need To Know About Nakyung Park

Nakyung Park

We always remain very curious to know about our favorite celebrities or personalities more closely. As they are public figures, therefore, people take much interest in their personal and professional life both. There are actors, cricketers, footballers, painters and many more, famous people, who are popular, for their work and impress others. By their works, they gain the attention of the audiences and hold a special place in the hearts of the people. Like the same way, Nakyung Park receives special attention from the public because of her painting skill. She is South Korean women and married women having children as well. Nonetheless, she is a woman who has many special talents as well besides her painting skills. She becomes a worldwide personality with her sketches and wall painting. 

People enjoyed a lot whenever they a painting made by her. Her painting most looks so lively that draw the attention of the viewers immediately. People gazed at the pictures with amazed. Even the pictures sold on the auction on high prices. The demand for her painting increased day by day and Nakyung Park becomes more one of the popular faces, between the world as well as South Korea. 

Childhood And Early Life

Nakyung Park was born on September 1, 1977. She is from South Korea and brought up there as well. You hard found details about her family background because there is very limited information that we get from the internet about her. Her father was a director who produces numerous South Korean TV shows in the late 1980s and 1990s. Her father’s name was Park Cheol who was also worked as a director at manhwa broadcasting corporation. 

Later she moved to the United States of America and becomes a famous painter. There she spends several years and learned painting classes as well to enhance her skill. Soon after, she meets with Wesley snipes and after that, their relationship grows with several meetings.

Career As A Painter

In her professional life or career, she creates many wonderful paintings, which show her painting skill sully. Not only she is famous for her artistic skills, but she also gains the attention of the public for her down towards nature. From her childhood days, she was very much fascinated with arts and paintings. Hence, she attends her first painting class in her neighbor’s garage at the age of five years. 

Nakyung Park creates an oil pastel painting of a big yellow sunflower with the help of oil pastels. She was a shy person by nature and mostly expressed herself through her paintings. Moreover, the neighbors of her think that she was a mute person. 

She worked 12 years in her own business and then moved on painting profession. Regularly she practices and makes new painting as well. Even she took part in numerous painting exhibitions and one of the most famous exhibitions was the covan02 art gallery in 2017 in Vancouver. Later, she attends another exhibition, which was a modu Korean artist collective in 2016 sponsored by Western Canada Group Exhibition. On the other hand, several websites claimed that she runs a beauty company named a Permanent Makeup Vancouver and she presents herself as a self-made beauty as well. 

Personal Life Or Married Life

Before meeting with her husband, Nakyung Park was an ordinary woman just like others. She comes in the headlines just after she started dating her husband Wesley Snipes. She was the second wife of her husband.  They get married in 2003 on 17th march just after dated for a few years. 

They were in a live-in relationship for some years and after having, two kids and then they got married.

Wedding Through Controversies

Nakyung Park’s marriage always remained in the controversies, as his husband faced tax charges in 2006 just after the three years of marriage. Wesley Snipes convicted for three years of jail between 2010 and 2013. However, in this hard time, Nakyung Park supports her husband a lot both mentally and morally. Nevertheless, both they passed this hard time together and handle this situation very well. Besides that, she has to fulfill all the duties of being a mother of four kids.


Park get married to a Hollywood star Wesley Snipes in 2003. However, they were dating each other earlier. Nakyung Park was not Snipes first wife. He earlier married to a woman named April Dubois. They get married in the late 80s and after a few years when a thing goes wrong between them, they decided to take divorce. However, their marriage did not work and separated from each other. However, they had a son. After that, snipes meet with the park and soon after start dating. While they are dating, they had their first kid a boy and then had a girl. 

At first, the park’s family was not happy when their daughter marries with snipes. Nevertheless, later they accepted their marriage, accept their son-in-law, and treat him as a son. After the marriage of the park and snipes, again, they have two kids and both our sons. The names of their kids are Akhenaten Kihwa-T Snipes, Iset Jua-T Snipes, Alaafia Jehu-T Snipes, and Alimayu Moa-T Snipes. 

Net Worth

As she is the famous actor snipes’ wife, therefore there was no financial crisis. Besides this thing, she had her own identity as well. She is a painter by profession and she earned a lot every year. She made approx $36.5 thousand per year. On the other hand, she teaches others and helps others with painting. 

She appeared in many exhibitions, and from those exhibitions, she makes a million dollars. As she was from Vancouver, she wants to help the girls to help them in learning arts and painting. She wants to help the students as well and push them for a better life where they will get many good opportunities to build their careers. She also does social works as well. She once saw a dream, which she wants to fulfill, and the next day she successfully did that. 

Facts About Nakyung Park

Many websites said that Nakyung Park has a pet don which she brings at her home in 2012. She also created a page on Instagram and the name of her pet dog is timbit. She had a special bond with her pet dog. On the other hand, snipes said that South Korea is his second hometown as it is his wife’s hometown. He likes to spend time in there and he visits numerous times in South Korea. 

Besides that, snipes and parks stayed in New York in their own apartment. Eventually, that apartment destroyed for the collapse during world trade centers’. Nevertheless, during that collapse they were not in their apartment luckily, they were on the west coast. After that, when they came back in search of their daughter, they found her safe and secure.


Therefore, here I try to focus on Nakyung Park’s personal and professional life. This woman is an amazing painter who impressed all by her works. Her paintings sold in the exhibitions in million dollars. She is well educated and a responsible woman too who manages the entire things single-handedly in her life. Hence, it is a brief detail about Nakyung Park’s life for you all to know about her life. 

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