How To Be A Witty Person To Hang Out With Others

Witty Person

Every one of us wants to hang out with a witty person. None of us wants to remain dull or considered as a dual personality. To be a witty person, you just need to have some qualities within you, so that, people can enjoy your company and call you to hang out. Thus, try to put a smile on your face with a good body language and self-confidence. 

Amusing Characteristics Of Witty Person

1. Be Confident

Make sure, you are confident about what you are doing. If you lack self-confidence then you will never able to achieve the thing that you want. Whether you want to show yourself as a witty person or present the humorous side of you. For a witty person, it is quite important that be confident whatever you are doing or saying in front of the others.

Until you have believed in yourself, you will not able to show your humorous side. People like those people who present themselves confidently and succeed to express themselves out. 

It is difficult to identify your flaws and deal with it. 

Do not be overconfident. People not like others who cannot be humble.

2. Be Open To Yourself

Do not make walls for you and restrict yourself. Try to find out, what special things you have and abilities. Later on, hang out with those people who have similar qualities like you. It will be easy for you to communicate with them and express yourself with them fully. 

Try to speak and open up yourself as much as possible. Try to meet up with friends, family members, or relatives more and shares each other’s basic concerns. In this way, you will get the chance to know about their interests and dislikes. 

3. Be Spontaneous

Never get afraid of take risks. Try to hang out with people, who are witty. Take opportunities to meet with them on regular basis.

However, at first, you will feel difficult but with time, you will be habituated with it. The more you will practice being spontaneous the sooner you will be a spontaneous person. Do not bother about what other people are saying about you. Just analyze your qualities and go with the flow.

4. Be Open Minded

Try to share your stories with people in different styles. Try to be part of every possible thing even if you do not like it. However, for the sake of people or friends, go to different events and be an open-minded person. In this way, people will know how open-minded you are and think you can be a perfect person to hang out with. Do not just always do those things, which are, favorite to you. Try to do things sometimes, which are interesting for others as well.

Anyone deserves his or her opinion. You may nevertheless make a laugh of people even in case you do not trust their politics. Look for commonplace matters and emphasize them in communication. If you recognize that your friend has a controversial opinion on something, keep away from it.

Being A Witty Person To Speak To

1. Express Interest

One of the best ways to express interest is to communicate with people. The more one will communicate or hang out with others; it will help them to express their all abilities or special qualities with others. Moreover, when people will find your humorous side they will always try to communicate with you and see some humorous sides of you.

Therefore, being a witty person, you cannot always restrict yourself. If you do so then none will able, the chance to see your humorous side and make your appearance recognized. 

2. Stay Superb

Find out your special qualities, which can better your personality. Let the people know about your humorous side as well. Do not always stop yourself from what you love to do or tell. Every time, just be yourself and let the humorous side of you out.

Do not afraid of those people who always point out the negative things on your humorous. They will always criticize you. Try to forget them and live a superb life. 

Try to communicate with people who appreciate your work and encourage you. With the help of your interests or something that makes you humorous, let that person be out, moreover, with your facial expression try to make other laughs.

3. Fantastic Body Language

 It is important that your body language match your expression. If it does not so then the audiences will not enjoy what you are saying. Maintain a cool nature and should justify your humorous with your body language. 

We see the jokers make us laugh just by using their expression and body language. Like the same way, it should be accurate with both of the things while making jokes or body language.

4. Eye Touch

It is the best way to express yourself. Try to make changes in your body language whenever you are cracking jokes. It can attract or hold the attention of the people around you. 

5. Crack Jokes

To make other laughs try to present jokes in front of the people, so that, they can laugh a lot. You can also show your, humorous before to the people, just by putting some funny outfit and dance like an idiot.

Nevertheless, do not act too much while you are dancing in front of others. Making jokes on various topics can make you as a witty person. Even people will enjoy your company as well and try to hang out with you for your fun-loving nature. 

6. Smile Always

A smile can better your appearance. Therefore, try to put a smile on your face. However, one thing keeps in your mind that do not overacts or smile forcefully. It has to be natural and eye smoothing.

7. Have A Laugh Interest

Most of the time people spend their all-time just by sitting idle or watching TV shows. Therefore, it is not a good way. Instead of it tries to go out and communicate with people. Make a hangout with friends or any other people, where you can express yourself or make some humorous or fun jokes. Do not just restrict yourself from others to free with them.

Lets yourself be free and express all it out in front of the people you like. Likewise, make it a habit to speak like this way with all the people around you or with your friends to considered witty people

Try to see the famous lifestyle-related shows and understand its purpose. It does not always need to go out but to learn the process of how to speak to others. 

8. Increase Distinctive Pastimes

If you have interesting hobbies or abilities then people will like to get in touch with you. Do not hide your hobbies and interests from others. It can help you to be cool as well as a witty person. However, people will eventually try to communicate with you for your special qualities. 


Hence, here I discussed how to be a witty person and all the important things related to it for you all. If you want to be a witty person as well then you can also follow these things.

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