How To Get Rid Of Watch Cartoons Online io For Kids

Watch cartoons online io

Nowadays, there are so many kids, who like to watch cartoons. They do not even want to eat foods without watching it. Thus the parents sometimes offer them to see cartoons while eating them. Watch cartoons online io have many good things and bad things as well. It is okay to watch cartoons for a limited time but watching for unlimited times can bring many health-related problems to their health.

What To Do To Reduce The Child’s Cartoon Addiction?

Cartoons and children have become synonymous in each of our homes. Cartoons are a way to seduce a child in every home. If the children are engrossed in watching cartoons all day long, they will not bother the family anymore. For this reason, the issue is not taken seriously in many homes. Various studies have shown that children start behaving strangely by watching cartoons or watch cartoons online io.

 Children who want to imitate everything by looking in front of their eyes. Everything shown in domestic and foreign cartoons is unrealistic. A report from a study found that a five-year-old child watches thirty-two hours a week and a five- to eleven-year-old child watches twenty-eight hours a week. So, children often get angry when they fail to imitate the events seen in cartoons and start behaving strangely. They do not want to leave the world of their imagination and understand reality. They become addicted to cartoons due to the inattention of the people of the house.

The way to get rid of cartoon addiction is in the hands of parents. Give each child a set time of one to one and a half hours of watching or watch cartoons online io. Some of the solutions are-

How To Get Rid Of

1. If the child is kept under house arrest all day, he or she will watch cartoons. Excluding schooling, you have to go out with your child at some point in the day. Talking about them, you will come back from outside with some time in hand. You will see that children will start to become less addicted to cartoons watching.

2. We all know that in the current situation, going out, playing in the park is closed or controlled. In that case, the child should keep busy inside the house. In the kitchen, you need to identify the vegetables, explain their color differences, show the shape of the fruit, and inform about the different shapes and sizes. You can keep the child busy making cards at home, making folded envelopes, making gifts, wrapping them with colored paper, etc.

3. The present-day father thinks that it is a waste of time if children play games. Every child has a lot of extra time even after studying. Send the children to play in the field in the afternoon so that their bodies will be better. Again, playing with many children together will also develop their mind, much better than the open-air room.

4. Now, a day the habit of reading or listening to children’s storybooks has gone up. Technology and cartoons given to the children so that they are immersed in another world. Get your child used to storybooks, sometimes you tell them stories too. 

5. Children need to be involved in creative work. Engage them in drawing, singing, dancing, etc. as he or she develops the brain and learns something new.

6. Exercise is very important to keep everyone’s body healthy. So teach the child to do physical exercises from an early age. Doing these things routinely at one time of the day will reduce his or her love for cartoons a bit.

7. Play mind games with the kids when the parents have time at home. Start playing different games with words. You can buy puzzle games or puzzling cartoon-solving games available in their various readymade markets. They will immerse themselves in it for some time.

8. Do small chores with the kids at home, such as fetching the notebook from the table, watering the trees, fixing his or her, own bed, and picking up toys after the game. This will increase their self-confidence and sense of responsibility and will reduce the time spent watching cartoons. Teach him or her to watch good programs on TV or learning education through cartoons, so that, their intellect develops and especially, putting the name or number in the mouth. The people of the house can control the child’s mind the best. Before watching a cartoon, you can look at it so that the children can see what they are watching. When they cannot see the cartoons, the children often get very angry and start crying, and then they cannot do these things anymore.

If You Don’t Play Cartoons, Baby Won’t Eat! What To Do?

The best way to deal with cartoon addiction is to hold the child’s hand and go outside.

1. It has proven that the medium of animation is much more powerful in children’s education than traditional education. There are three main reasons for the popularity of cartoons for children and one, the style of storytelling. Second is an audio-visual application and third is the use of bright colors. Not just popularity, cartoon characters can easily create ‘role icons’ for children, but no real-world character can or thewatchcartoon.

2. The survey says that this tendency leads them to imitate that character. So to make that character more popular, various special edition practical products made. For example, pictures of Avengers pasted Tiffin boxes, water bottles painted by Doraemon.

3. Parents who are struggling to make ends meet are also falling into this vicious circle. Children who are lonely all day long want to make their parents happy at the end of the day with his favorite cartoon io character. So, if a child refuses to watch a cartoon and refuses to eat lunch, offer them interesting pictures of containers. 

4.  The study found that on average, children between the ages of two and five typically watch cartoons 32 hours a week. In six to eleven years, this time comes down to 28 hours. In 53% of the cases, there is no guardian supervision at that time. Children’s behavior changes when they watch cartoons. Innocent obedient boys or girls can become violent. Again, the customs of an unknown country may suppress instead of the native culture. According to a survey, this change occurs in eighty percent of cases. Even the seemingly cowboy cartoon character can later lead that small viewer to drug addiction.

5. Is that the way? First, the maximum time to watch cartoons throughout the day must be limited to one and a half hours. It is necessary to remove childhood from more harmful cartoons to less harmful cartoons. However, the best way to deal with this problem is to hold the baby’s hand and go outside. Outdoor games and family outings can sometimes be a panacea.

In addition, if you can bring back the habit of reading fairy tales like a storyteller while sleeping, then there is no point. Let the cartoon monster be killed, this is not the way.


Hence, through all these steps you can solve all your problems if your kids watch cartoons online io and TV. Try to communicate with them more when you are in the house and engage them in some interesting things instead of leaving them to watch cartoons.

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