Kayden Gaulden Bio, Family, Net Worth, and about his famous father

Kayden Gaulden

A rapper provides a type of entertainer who mixes rhythm and music to tell a story. Typically the rappers focused on life and followed time for growing up. The rapper often uses different explicit lyrics that help to drive the meaning home of music. Most rappers like Kayden Gaulden provide a great impact in the music industry.

In American origin, NAB young boy is a young rapper who makes good music and achieves lots of money as well. His original name is Kentrell Gaulden and he was born on 20th October in the year 1999.

The American rapper dropped out of school to begin his music career. Kayden Gaulden is the first son of the famous American Rapper NBA young boy. He is still a young boy in his developmental years and he was also born with the Zodiac sign of cancer.

Personal information of Kayden Gaulden

Full name:  Kayden Gaulden

Nickname: Draco

Gender: Male 

Occupation: None

Nationality: American

Age: 6 years old

Height: 3 feet 1 inch

Weight: 20 kg 

Birthdate: 4th July 2016

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Place of birth: Los Angeles, California

Hair colour: Black 

Eye colour: Black

Father: Kentrell DeSean Gaulden (NBA YoungBoy)

Mother: Nisha 

Siblings: Kamiri, Kamron, Taylin

Marital status: Single

Net worth: $1 million

Profession: Celebrity child

Kayden Gaulden’s birthday and age

He was born in Los Angeles in the year 2019 on 4th July. This means that he turns 6 years old this year. His father is an American Rapper named Kentrell Gaulden and his mother is Nisha. Kayden Gulden’s father got more popular by the name of an NBA young boy who makes good music. He is the first son of a Young boy who never broke again.

Few things About  Kayden Gaulden’s father

Kayden Gaulden’s father is an American Rapper who was born on 20th October 1999 at the place of Rouge, Louisiana. the U.S. The artist provided different mixtapes from 2015 to 2017 and built fan base popularity.

He is also known as a young boy who has a lot of interest in music. Youngboy entered a record in the Atlantic towards the year 2017.in 2018 a song was launched by him and it got 31 positions on a billboard and got 100 hotlists.

The song was released in the first studio album as a title like Until Death Call My Name In the year 2018. These songs reach 7 positions on the billboard and achieve 200 charts in the united state.

In the year ending the young boy was not afraid to launch his second studio album in the year 2020. He started composing music at the age of 14 by the use of a microphone which he purchased from Wal-Mart in 2015.

Kayden Gaulden family and early life

Kayden has 6 siblings in them 2sister and 4 brothers.His brother names areKentrell Gaulden,Kacey Alexandr Gaulden,Taylin Gaulden and Kamiri Gaulden. He has two sisters names are Amani Gauldn and Kodi Chapri. Kayden belongs from  America and he has mixed Ethnicity.

Keyden‘s aunt’s name is Tele Gaulden and their uncle’s name is Ken Gaulden. He has one real brother named Taylin Gaulden and one sister named Armani Gaulden. However, he is a young child and he has never been in a relationship because he is too small. He is already known for being a celebrity child as well as a star son.

Kayden Gaulden measurements 

Kayden Gaulden has a height of 3 feet 1inches and weighs 20kg. He is still very young and he is of African -American descent. He has black hair and black eyes as well.

Kayden Gaulden net worth

Kayden is still a young child we don’t expect from him for any worth, however, his father, an NBA young boy has a net worth of six million dollars. There are rumors that Kayden is worth around $1 million.

Kayden Gaulden death

Therefore, in the year 2018, Kayden and also his parents were involved in an accident. The accident happened on the 26th of June in the year 2018. This accident was so harmful and terrible. He and his parents were battling with their lives. Finally, they all survived and are still living to this day.

FAOs about Kayden Gaulden

Who is Kayden Gaulden?

Kayden Gaulden is the son of Kentrell DeSean Gaulden.

Who is  Kayden Gaulden’s father?

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden is Kayden’s father.

What is the current location of Kayden?

He currently resides with his father and siblings in Los Angeles.

When was Kayden Gaulden born?

He was born on 4th July in the year of 2016.

Does Kayden Gaulden have any profile on social media?

He is still a small child and doesn’t have any accounts on social media.

What is the height of Kayden Gaulden?

Kayden has a height of 3feet 1 inch.

What is the weight of Kayden Gaulden?

Kayden Gaulden weighs 20kg.

How many siblings does Kayden have?

Kayden has 6 siblings, 4 brothers, and 2 sisters.

What is the profession of Kayden?

He is a celebrity child.

What is Kayden Gaulden’s religion?

Kayden belongs to Christianity.

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