Mark Hamill Has the Best Reaction to Fan’s R2-D2 Bionic Arm

Mark Hamill Has the Best Reaction to Fan's R2-D2 Bionic Arm
Mark Hamill simply discovered a brand new hero out of doors of Star Wars.

The Hollywood actor referred to as Luke Skywalker in the preferred film franchise has been an enormous admirer of Florida resident Bella Tadlock.

And after elevating nearly $14,000 on social media, the 11-year-old scholar not too long ago was the primary particular person within the United States to obtain a sophisticated multi-grip arm within the taste of her favourite persona R2-D2.

In a brand new video going viral on social media, Bella was once in a position to blow their own horns the introduction to Mark himself.

“I heard your story on Twitter and just this morning, my daughter Chelsea was showing the video of you with your R2-D2 arm,” Mark printed thru Skype. “Oh man, that is fantastic. Wow!”

Bella was once so proud to expose that she will be able to now pick out stuff up all on her personal. In truth, the arm manufactured through Open Bionics, works through selecting up alerts from muscle groups within the residual limb.

“So now I heard you are a Star Wars fan however I’ve to let you know I am a large fan of yours. I am so happy with you,” Mark shared. “So happy that you were able to have this happen for you.”

He added, “They call it a Hero Arm because you really are a hero. It was great meeting you and give my best to your whole family and may the force be with you always.”

Bella was once born with out palms on her proper hand and along with her left arm shorter than her proper.

After present process operations, the 11-year-old now has 3 palms and a thumb on her proper hand, however was hoping for a non-surgical possibility for her left hand.

“I’m so grateful to Open Bionics and Hanger Clinic,” Bella’s mother Pamela Tadlock shared by the use of The Independent. “Bella likes Luke Skywalker because he lost a hand and was adopted like her.”

“It was wonderful talking with Bella & seeing her incredible new #R2D2HeroArm—This is what a real-life hero looks like!” Mark later proclaimed on Instagram. “Thanks to @openbionics for making this happen & offering hope to so many deserving recipients.”

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