Recommended Diet And Exercise For A Healthy Life!

Anaerobic exercise

Recommended for dieting? Anaerobic exercise

Exercise can be broadly divided into anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercise. First, let’s know
about anaerobic exercise.

What is anaerobic exercise?

Anaerobic exercise is an exercise that exerts a strong force momentarily. Unlike aerobic
exercise, it is called anaerobic exercise because it does not use oxygen to produce energy. The
energy sources for anaerobic exercise are glycogen stored in the muscles and glucose in the
liver and blood.
While anaerobic exercise can exert a strong force, it does not burn a lot of calories because it
cannot be sustained for a long time.
However, if your muscles are strengthened, your basal metabolism will increase, and you will
be able to burn more calories in your daily life. About half of the basal metabolism is due to
muscle. Also, when anaerobic exercise secretes adrenaline and growth hormone, fat is broken
down. So if you do aerobic exercise after anaerobic exercise, you will be able to burn fat

Types of anaerobic exercise

The representative of anaerobic exercise is muscle training. There are many types, from push-
ups, crunches, and planks that put a load on your muscles with your own weight, to weight
training that raises and lowers dumbbells and barbells. It is said that if you do muscle training,
your basal metabolism will increase for about two days after that.

Recommended for dieting? Aerobic exercise

What is aerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise is a long-term exercise. It is called aerobic exercise because oxygen combines
with carbohydrates and fats in the body to generate energy. Unlike anaerobic exercise, it burns
fat easily, so it is indispensable for dieting.
Immediately after you start aerobic exercise, sugar is used more, but when your body warms up
and your blood flow increases, you start to consume more fat. In the past, it was desirable to
continue aerobic exercise for 20 minutes or more until this condition was reached, but recently
it seems that the same effect can be achieved by doing a total of 20 minutes or more per day.
The longer you continue aerobic exercise, the more oxygen you need, which strengthens the
lungs that take in oxygen and the heart that pumps oxygen into the blood. Along with this,
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Types of aerobic exercise

There are many types of aerobic exercise. Walking, jogging, cycling, aerobics, swimming, and
more. Most ball games are also included in aerobic exercise.
When doing aerobic exercise, “exercise intensity” is important. Exercise intensity is the
“tightness of exercise” and is expressed in heart rate.
The maximum heart rate is calculated by “220-age”. Resting heart rate is the heart rate when
you lie down and relax and is best measured just before you wake up and get up. When the
exercise intensity is 40-60%, fat burning is promoted.
Among the exercises that you can do at home, radio calisthenics, stepping up and down, and
exercise using a balance ball are aerobic exercises. If you do your anaerobic exercises such as
push-ups, crunches, and planks first, and then do these aerobic exercises, you’ll be on a good
diet without going out.

The recommended diet for Zubora

Only if you continue anaerobic and aerobic exercise will it be effective. But if you’re busy,
cumbersome, or hate exercise in the first place, it’s hard to last. I will introduce a recommended
diet method for Zubora.

A simple exercise that continues in Zubora

There are simple exercises that are effective for dieting just by devising something in your daily
life. It’s not as tight as full-scale exercise, and you don’t have to change into sportswear. The
advantage is that you can do it when you feel like it.
For example, in abdominal breathing, the muscles around the abdomen are strengthened over
time. As the name implies, it is a method of breathing through the nose while inflating or
denting the belly. You can get more oxygen into your body. Chest breathing, on the other hand,
expands and contracts the thorax.
The muscles of the whole body are also used to adjust the posture. The correct posture is to
pull your chin to stretch your back, retract your abdomen to tighten your buttocks and stand
with your knees straight. It feels tight before you get used to it, but as your muscles train, you’ll
be able to maintain it for longer.
Stretching is an exercise that you can do in a short time. If you do it before and after full-scale
exercise, it will relieve muscle tension and increase the range of motion to prevent injuries.
Vilitra 60 and  Vilitra 20 will improve ED and restore concentration during work. You can stretch
your upper body around your neck, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, etc., while sitting in a chair.

Another easy exercise is to increase the walking distance while commuting or to move to
another floor on the stairs.


It is recommended that you do both anaerobic and aerobic exercise on a diet. Anaerobic
exercise breaks down fat, and aerobic exercise burns it. If you gain muscle, your basal
metabolism will increase, and you will burn calories in your daily life.

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