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The real name of Sadhguru is Jaggi Vasudev. He is a very famous Yogi and teaches Yoga in the Southern part of India since 1982. Also, he has taken his bachelor’s degree in English and is a very prominent Indian Author. He is a motivation for many Indians, and till now, his 62 years of life journey can tell a lot about him.

Here, we will share all the information related to Sadhguru and his foundations all over the world. Not in India, but abroad, there are many followers of Sadhguru today.

Sadhguru’s Work & Activities

  • He is involved in many social activities for several years and is attached to many foundations and religious activities.
  • Sources say that he is an environmentalist and involved in various activities leading to environmental growth and helping the foundation run social programs to save the environment.
  • He is very fond of spending time near nature and loves to visit a small garden near his house from his childhood. He has a strong bond with reptiles like snakes from early childhood. This path of Yoga and nature loves helped him to become what he is today. His journey shows his interest well.

Early Life of Sadhguru

His journey to Yoga starts at the age of 12 when he met Sri Raghavendra Swamiji and tries some Yoga Asanas, which he did perfectly. After this, he started learning many asanas and perform all every day. He is very strict to his Yoga and never skip it for a day. It doesn’t matter whether he is traveling or sick he performs Yoga early in the morning. He says that one can keep their body healthy and fit through Yoga and could fight any disease. Yoga is the best medicine as per his learnings.

In his college days, he was always fond of bike riding and goes for bike trips with his friends. Yes, he was on the path of spirituality and Yoga, but he was a very fun-loving person in his early life. Even sources say that he often travels alone in various parts of India when there is no one to travel with him. While traveling, he gave the most importance to naturalistic places and tried to gain information about the various famous garden, natural sanctuaries, and forests. His knowledge in this field is vast, and he shares the experience of travel often in media.

Even in his early life, after completing his studies, he tried different types of business. And, fortunately, became a successful businessman in his early twenties. Till now, he was a normal man who loves nature, but he has no idea what will happen to him.

One day he was sitting on the rocks of Chamundi Hill, and suddenly he had a spiritual experience. It was in 1982, and he realized the motto of his life. His soul was connected with nature by then, and he followed the path of spirituality after the same experience.

After this experience, he started exploring more about it and found meditation the best way to achieve peace and eternity. He then started meditating, and after years of meditations, he decided that this experience needs to be shared with others. After this, he started sharing his inner thoughts and the beauty of spirituality with others. He always shared what he experienced and what he loves. His only motto is to connect with God, and that strong positive energy can heal anything in life. And, this goal is fulfilled by his struggle of many years.

The journey of Sadhguru’s Yoga

After connecting his heart with spirituality and Yoga, he decided to start Yoga sessions to encourage others and share his experience. In 1983 he started yoga classes in Karnataka and Hyderabad. But who that his classes will attract so many people that soon around 1500 people started coming to attend his sessions? His Yoga asanas and his way of doing them so efficiently became so popular. He also claimed that through Yoga, one could cure any disease and fight any internal or mental problem. It helps to consolidate mind in peace, where no external thought could harm you in any way.

  • The best thing about yoga sessions that he never asked for a penny from the participants, and he only earns through is poultry farm sale. He performs Yoga and helps others learn about the same, not for money but to help others heal what they are facing. As per his thoughts till now, he says you can cure any tribulation of life through Yoga and spirituality.
  • Even when he gets some donations from his students, he uses them for charity and others. He has no plan of using his yoga sessions to earn. Hence, he decided to follow this for years.
  • Finally, in 1993 he founded Isha Yoga Center. This center works with many international bodies for social councils and to help people all around the united nations. He reached a large audience and decided to help as many people as possible to heal the sorrow of the soul. Even if you do something wrong, then also you can save your soul from the curse by Yoga and meditation. 
  • As per Sadhguru‘s learning, Yoga connects the soul with God and eternity. There is nothing beyond soul and God, and it could never harm you at any cost.
  • After then, his sessions were named “inner engineering,” and people learn mediation, pranayama, and many other asanas during the sessions.
  • Soon he arranges and conducted yoga sessions in the United States and followed the same to conducting meditation sessions for prisoners in Tamil Nadu. He advised the Tamil Nadu government that Yoga can heal the hatred in prisoners’ souls, and they will get a good life inside or outside the prison.  
  • In 1997 another yoga cum meditation center was built by Sadhguru naming “The Dhyanalinga,” located 30kms away from Coimbatore.
  • He has attended many world health sessions and addressed millions of people for peace and meditation.

Who follows Sadguru?

There are many followers of Sadhguru, and people love to connect in his session to know more about his life experience and implicate the same in their life.

Not only in India but through various parts of the world, people come to India to have an interaction with Sadguru Ji and to learn the healing capacity of people. It is easy to heal the soul when you know what the problem is. Hence, he teaches everyone to the fullest of his knowledge.

After all this, he contributed to many activities and started many firms of hi yoga center, even in the USA. He was a person of his words and always tried to spread knowledge in people.

Many people accused him until now, but the accusations were nothing in front of the love and belief of millions of people all over the over. No one has ever thought that a normal graduate from Southern India will become so popular due to his faith and knowledge.

He always says that his journey is for many, and he wants to connect with more people to learn more. Not only he teaches, but he learns by the experience of his children too.

Unknown Facts about Sadhguru & Sadhguru’s isha foundation

  • In 1997 after the death of his wife, various complaints were filed, stating he forced his wife for dowry. The complaint was filled in Bangalore Police Station, accusing harassment charges on him. Many people know about this side of Sadhguru’s life.
  • Not only this, again, one more complaint was filled that Sadhguru imprisoned two women in his Isha Yoga Centre. The case was running by then, and many advocates are trying to provide necessary accusations against him. But, due to the support of people, it isn’t easy to prove the same.
  • Many environmentalists are claiming from years that Sadhguru’s isha yoga center was built on forest land. Not even this, but it also reaches the elephant’s door by one phase at Velliangiri hills. Due to this reason, many damages occur to the forest leading to the elephant’s death.

Therefore, these are some facts that very few people are aware of, and still, they worship and follow the path of Sadhguru blindly.

Bottom Lines

Hence, we can say Sadhguru is a personality who motivates others’ life a lot. As an Indian Author, he tries to motivate others with his thoughts and experience. Even though there are several accuses on him, but he still does what is right and fruitful for nature.

Thousands of followers are learning from him and have a great connection with him. He always says that spirituality comes from peace of mind, and peace of mind comes from Yoga. Yoga helps to calm our minds and to generate positive energy around us. Also, Yoga connects our soul with nature, and we automatically reach the zone of selflessness. Hence, Yoga is the only way to stay healthy and to do meditation for hours.

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