Smith machine squat death video goes viral on the internet

Smith machine squat death video

Our life is very precious. Not only for us but also for our family and friends. However, sometimes, it became very unpredictable. We faced injuries or death in certain ways that, we are totally unaware of. Such things happened in a gym when the smith machine squat death video was found on the internet.

A woman’s gym video was trending on social media in the last couple of months. A video of a gym center in Mexico where a woman doing squats and a barbell came down on the lady’s neck. And she died immediately. It was in the trend in the mid of march when it was on Twitter and Reddit.

How social media is, everyone knows. On social media it viral quickly. Moreover, it quickly grabbed the attention of people. Many people’s heartbroken as they see this terrible incident of a mother dying in an uncertain way in front of the mother.

Smith machine squat death video

What Is The Incident?

A video is trending all over the internet. In a gym center in Mexico City two women likely mother and daughter doing their gym work. The mother is doing Smith’s machine squat with a heavy weight. Almost she is carrying 400 pounds or 180 kg. The girl is following his mother at that time. However, the mother can not do the process properly and her grip on the squat machine was not proper. Therefore, the massive weighty barbell collapsed on her neck. That gave her a fatal death.

For the lady barbell was too heavy. In fact, when the barbell fell on her neck, it totally broke the neck area and the lady died on the spot. However, the gym instructor quickly tried to pull out the barbell. But that was too heavy for him. Therefore, other people in the gym helped him to lift the barbell. But the lady remains on the ground without life. She was already dead. And that video was called the smith machine squat death video.

Smith Machine Workout

Do you know what is smith machine? A smith machine is a popular weight lifting machine. It has a barbell on the two sides and is affixed to a squat rack. One can easily do a workout vertically as their weight lifting ability.

Smith squat machine is a very popular and well-available instrument in the gym. Whether the gym is a commercial gym or a personal home gym, it is common. Moreover, it has some good causes to be in the gym. This equipment can keep your body in a good shape. Moreover, it acted as a spotter if you ever go for a lone lift. In conclusion, it is a multi-function working machine. And through it, the miserable smith machine squat death video happened.

Previous Incidents-

The viral smith machine squat death video was not the first incident that happened with this smith squat machine. Also found an earlier incident in May 2021 in Hong Kong. Dimsum Daily, a popular hong kong based news website, reported a similar type of incident in the first quarter of 2021.

A man almost 41 years of age, fell down on a mat after doing heavy exercise with a smith squat machine in Hong Kong’s 24/7 Fitness gym. After the barbell crushed into his neck, he was gone to a coma. However, 6 days later, the man gave up his last breath.

Shared Footage Of USA Crime-

The smith machine squat death video was first posted on USA Crime’s Instagram handle in February 2022. They had a huge amount of almost 380,000 followers on the page. By seeing the number, you will understand how it can influence social media. And therefore the video went viral.

On the 23rd of February, a gym’s CCTV video was posted with the caption of a barbell falling down on a woman’s neck after squatting with a smith weight lifting machine. They also clarify that the gym is Gym Fitness Sport Gymnessium in Peralvillo.

Reaction Of Twitter-

Various people on social media react smith machine squat death video.

A person on Twitter posted “you will never catch me on a smith machine because of that video of the lady… never ever”.

Another person reacted “the video of the lady in Mexico getting crushed to death by the smith machine will forever haunt me”.

Another woman wrote, “I really love these smith machine deficit splits squats. Look at how much extra depth you can get with that knee. With the chest hinged forward, that’s going to target a lot more glute! And those quads will be on fire.”


However, the smith squat machine is praised all over the world. Different gym-addicted people from each corner of the world love this machine and its functionality. Moreover, the machine has a safety point “locking exercise”. In conclusion, the smith machine squat death video is hurting the world.

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