The Lexus supercar Paris Hilton got for her 30th birthday is now on sale for almost $500,000 - see inside

Paris Hilton's 2012 Lexus LFA Coupe.

A 2012 Lexus LFA owned by way of Paris Hilton is now on sale for nearly part 1,000,000 bucks.
The automobile is lately being offered by way of Cleveland, Ohio-based Marshall Goldman Motor Sales for $495,900. The 2012 LFA to start with had a beginning value of $375,000, in line with Autoblog, which is $120,900 not up to what Hilton’s LFA is being offered for now.
This 2012 LFA was once to start with proficient to Hilton by way of her then-boyfriend Cy Waits for her 30th birthday, Motor Authority reported, and it is just logged three,930 miles regardless of being 8 years outdated.
Kennan Rolsen of Marshall Goodman referred to as the Lexus LFA one of the vital biggest supercars of all time in a YouTube video excursion of the automobile. Lexus best produced 20 LFAs per thirty days, and this actual unit is the 108th of 500 general LFA’s ever constructed, in line with Marshall Goodman.
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