The Rich Are Preparing for Coronavirus Differently

The Rich Are Preparing for Coronavirus Differently

The phrase “room,” alternatively, infrequently captures it. Dr. Stein mentioned it’s provided with an adverse force machine to limit the flow of pathogens and is principally a remoted visitor wing consisting of a bedroom and kitchen stocked with IV hydration, medications, the lab provides, gloves, robes, mask, oxygen, and meals, in addition to a collection of dishes and linens.

Insure wallet of Silicon Valley, the place tech-elite survivalists drool over deserted missile silos that had been transformed into luxurious bunkers, coronavirus is strictly the doomsday situation they’ve been making ready for.

Marvin Liao, a spouse on the challenge capital company 500 Startups, has been stocking up on canned meals, water, hand sanitizer and bathroom paper in anticipation of a pandemic, and has in recent times been scoping out a high-end air purifier known as Molekule Air, which prices $799.

“I don’t know if you’re ever ready for this,” Mr. Liao mentioned of coronavirus. “But I think that you’re probably better prepared than a lot of people because at least you’ve thought about it and at least you’ve stocked up. Worse comes to worst you’ll have a lot more cushion than a lot more people out there.”

Jon Stokes, a former Silicon Valley prepper who left Silicon Valley for prepping causes (he lives in Colorado now), echoed that sentiment. He mentioned that he had stockpiled about 4 months’ value of meals, and not too long ago bought a stethoscope and a pulse oximeter that measures the oxygen saturation in crimson blood cells to watch his circle of relatives for indicators of the virus.

“This exact situation is precisely what preppers prep for,” Mr. Stokes mentioned. “Aside from the NatGeo or History Channel doomsday prepper, for ordinary preppers, this is kind of it for us. A pandemic, a shelter-in-place sort of thing, where you have to be self-sufficient for a few weeks or for a month or two. That’s what we do.”

Sanam Yar contributed reporting.

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