How Tall Is Tory Lanez? – The Correct Height Revealed

Tory Lanez

How tall is Tory Lanez is a query that people began posing after his arrest and the appearance of his mugshots online. People began making fun of him since his actual height did not match what he had stated it to be. Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson popularly known as Tory Lanez is a rapper from Canada. He was raised in Montreal before eventually relocating to Miami with his family. Since he is best renowned for his abilities as a rapper, people are curious about his true height since it does not match what he claimed.

Despite his excellent rap career and Grammy nomination, most people are curious about his height. Its origin story is also highly intriguing. Continue reading to learn more about it in detail.

In this article, we will tell you all about his height, career, achievements and his complete biography.

What is Tory Lanez best known for?

He is most known for producing a variety of well-known tracks as well as authoring rap lyrics. Two of them were awarded double platinum singles. Say it and Luv are their names. He is also well-known for a number of incidents, like his altercation with Drake and the alleged shooting at Megan Thee Stallion.

Where did he grow up?

Tory is from Ontario, which is a province in Canada. He lost his mother when he was just 11 years old. Her name was Luella. After the accident, his father, Sonstar, began working as a missionary which entails a lot of traveling in the US cities.

He grew up listening to different kinds of music in Canada. This is a major influence on the songs he writes. In an interview he said you can grow up in Canada listening to different genres of songs so he started writing his own. He also believes that this is the reason artists from Canada are so successful.

Biography of Tory Lanez

Full NameDaystar Shemuel Shua Peterson
Date of Birth27 July 1992
Age (as of November 2022)30 Years
Height (how tall is Tory Lanez)5ft 3
ProfessionSongwriter, Rapper, Producer, Singer

What are his achievements?

On the Billboard Top 200, his debut album peaked at number four. The album’s name was “I Told You.” He received a Grammy nomination as well. He was put forward as having the finest R&B tune. Over a million copies of his and Benny Blanco’s joint effort were sold.

What does he say about his height?

The rapper is not thrilled when people make fun of him because of his tiny stature. While talking about this subject, he also openly vented his displeasure. In a song he wrote called “Money Over Fallouts,” he claims that despite being short, he is actually 5’7 and not 5’3. He continues by claiming that if he stands on the money he earned, Heaven will reveal his thighs.

However, it doesn’t matter what he or the online trolls say. His official height is documented in a police record, thus he can no longer conceal it; we now know how tall is Tory Lanez.

What is his actual height?

The Los Angeles Police Department arrested him for committing a crime, and at that time his true height was made public. He had a concealed weapon, which police discovered in his car. Tory Lanez’s exact height is 5 foot 3 inches. 

Many well-known individuals overstate their actual height. Tory is one example of the large percentage of shorter celebrities who do this. But why, amidst everything else, are people discussing his height? As we continue reading the article, we will delve into more detail.

Is he the shortest rapper?

Without a doubt, he is not the shortest rapper. Bushwick Bill, who was the shortest rapper in the industry at just 3’8″, is among the many who are shorter than him. Female rappers like Nicky Minaj and Missy Elliott Trina are also only 5’1 tall.

Rappers like Foxy Brown, Tinchy Stryder, Phife Dawg, and Eazy E all share the same height as Tory Lanez.

Which other celebrities share the same height?

Many celebrities from different genres share the same height such as Martin Scorsese, Prince, Davy Jones, Malcolm Young, and many more share the same height.

Major female celebrities have the same height as Scarlett Johansson, Billie Eilish, Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings, Cardi B, etc.


How tall is Tory Lanez? It is becoming a frequently asked question online. He is not the height he claims to be, as is evident in numerous videos and clips. When he composed a song about it, he only made things worse for himself.

Being short has no negative connotations, and people are unconcerned about height. People only admire someone for their talents or skill, regardless of what field they are in. On the other hand, some online trolls will make fun of famous people for trivial reasons. They’ll come up with a joke about something. It only becomes an issue when famous individuals respond to them, so when Tory responded to them, people began to wonder about it.


1. What is Tory Lanez real name?

No, his real name is Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson.

2. What is his feud with Drake?

He sent a mixtape to Drake while also betting $10k that he will be impressed. Drake never responded and it went on for six years. There was mild exchange between them as well.

3. Where is he from?

He is from Ontario, Toronto. The same place where Drake grew up as well.

4. What is his net worth?

His net is approximately around $2.5 million.

5. What is his height?

His actual height is 5ft 3. This is an official record by the Los Angeles Police Department.

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