video KYC verification -enhancing the client onboarding for fraud prevention

Video KYC Verification

For modern-day businesses, technological innovation has benefited them a lot. On the other hand, it has enabled fraudsters to use various ways to exploit security systems. If companies still operate on traditional approaches, it will attract perpetrators to accomplish their nefarious monetary objectives. Only the implementation of the latest video KYC verification systems can help companies in streamlining their onboarding process and preventing fraud actively.

In the digital age, the use of smart devices is widespread which makes the acceptance of new technologies easier than ever. Moreover, companies can ensure compliance with AML/KYC regulations to avoid permanent bans or heavy financial penalties. The blog discusses the importance of implementing the video KYC validation system in present-day industries.

Video KYC Verification – A Quick Insight Into the Intelligent System

The widespread use of smart devices has enabled clients to use the latest technologies with convenience. In this way, the use of images and videos has become a new normal. Companies that face issues in abiding by the latest AML/KYC standards can make use of the digital solution to guarantee adherence.

The smart video KYC verification technique streamlines the user ID verification procedure because it does not require them to carry paper-based documentation.

Implementation of the latest digital product can help organizations in deterring sophisticated types of fraud attempts. For instance, hackers can use spoof attacks and deepfakes to bypass security protocols.

Businesses must opt for the latest know your customer solutions to validate the credentials of their clients. In this regard, enterprises can easily extend services to only genuine customers. Hence, the use of the intelligent system can help corporations in achieving their development milestones efficiently.

The Whole Operating Procedure Supporting Video KYC Verification

Video-based KYC is an advanced version of customer ID validation. The following is the complete working process of the system:

  • During the registration process, the software asks for user credentials for validation. This is where the client gets in touch with a KYC specialist to complete the process successfully.
  • The KYC expert asks the consumer some questions and requests them to perform specific actions. This is really important to ensure the genuine presence of the client.
  • Next, the expert asks the user to show their ID card to complete authentication.
  • After the finalization of the procedure, the consumer receives the results in real-time.

AI-driven video-based KYC verifies consumer ID and produces high-quality results. Fortunately, technological innovation has allowed users to benefit from the services remotely without any issues. In this way, the latest technology ensures global coverage and provides a positive customer experience every time.

Top 4 Perks of Using Video KYC Verification

The features of liveness detection and AI-mapping help businesses in guaranteeing high-level security. There are various advantages of using the latest technology and some of them are below:

1.   Mitigating Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing

Fraudsters want to use deceptive techniques to achieve their illicit financial goals. For this purpose, they indulge in money laundering to legalize their black money. Perpetrators flow the money through legal financial systems to hide the origin of their funds. Nonetheless, modern-day firms can discourage fraudulent activities using video KYC verification systems. Hence, all corporations can play an important role in reducing money laundering and terrorism financing cases.

2.   Safeguarding Money

Present-day corporations can protect their users’ money by implementing the smart video KYC verification. Consumers’ trust in companies strengthens when they opt for the latest technologies, communicating care and responsibility. Hence, users feel safe in investing their money.

3.   Ensuring Compliance with AML/KYC Regulations

The main objective behind the introduction of regulatory compliances is to safeguard all corporations from cyberattacks and protect the interest of their users. The application of video KYC verification helps in achieving this purpose. Hence, corporations can easily abide by the latest AML/KYC regulations and avoid fines.

4.   Strengthening Business-to-Business Partnerships

When a corporation implements the intelligent video KYC verification system, it improves their reputation in the market because it communicates adaptability and growth to potential corporate partners. In this companies can attract new investors and effectively work with stakeholders.

Concluding Remarks

In present times, organizations must apply the latest video KYC verification approaches that can deter criminals effectively. In this way, organizations can mitigate ID theft, money laundering, and terrorism financing cases. Technological innovation has allowed remote consumers to benefit from the services from the comfort of their homes. The latest technology uses features such as liveness detection and micro-expression analysis to discourage scam attempts. Hence, companies can achieve their security goals and profitability objectives timely.

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