Who Is Dale Russell Gudegast, A Complete Information For You All?

Russell Gudegast

Nowadays there are so many stars or celebrities whether from Hollywood who gains a lot of fame with their work. The popularity increases immensely the day after their best work in the movie. Some of them able to keep that position still and some of them do not. Among all the Hollywood stars, one of the well-known faces is Dale Russell Gudegast. She is one of the actresses who is renowned for her role holiday in the sun, which was released in 2001. 

After that, she becomes a favorite actress for many people. Her look is so charming that everyone gets attracted to her. Later on, she did many other movies also in the Hollywood industry and remains one of the foremost actresses. After the day of her success, she never looks back. She worked on many projects and with her super acting skill, she draws the attention of everyone. 

Dale Russell Gudegast is not only well-known for her role in the movies, but also for her marriage with her husband Eric Braeden. Her husband is also an actress, a German American actress. Without having any complications in their married life, they are still together.

Biography Of Dale Russell Gudegast

Dale Russell Gudegast is an American actress. She made her debut with the film holiday in the sun. In addition, from that film, she gets people’s love and appreciation. She even plans to write a book on her own life, married and other things. This work is still in the progress right now. 

Age And Birthday

Dale Russell Gudegast was born on, 17th November in 1941. Her birthplace was Los Angeles, California, the united state of America. She is now 79 years of old as of 2020. However, she has the glowing and charming look still today.

Height And Weight

However, her height and weight is not accessible on internet but she quite tall and slim woman. She has brown hair and brown colored eyes. Whenever she crossed anything, she looks quite taller. The details regarding her height and weight still are hidden. Nobody knows the actual information about these particular things.


Dale Russell Gudegast was quite a brilliant student in her childhood days. She did her schooling from a private high school in Los Angeles, in California. After that, she graduated from elementary. This is her completely educational life.

Dale Russell Gudegast’s Parents

She belongs to a French ancestry parents. After so many researches, but still, there is no information given on internet about her parents and names of them. Just like her weight and height details, this is also not available on internet.

Dale Russell Gudegast’s Sibling

She has an elder sister named Sigrid Valdis who is an American actress as well. Besides that, she had no bothers or other siblings. 

Nationality And Ethnicity

The nationality of Dale Russell Gudegast is American and she fits in to the white ethnical background. 

Dale Russell Gudegast’s Husband

She married to a famous German American actress named Eric Braeden.  They met with each other on the set on a movie in 1964. After that, they became very good friends. Later on, dated for two years they get married in 1966 in Brentwood, California, Los Angeles, in a private wedding ceremony.

Kids Or Children 

After their marriage, she gave birth to a baby on 9th February in 1970. The name of their son is Christian Gudegast. 

Husband  Movies & Tv Series

Eric did many movies, some of the famous movies are titanic, the Forbin Project, the ambulance, and many more. After that, he appeared in many TV shows as a star guest. 

Husband Awards & Nominations

Eric the husband of dale won many awards in his entire acting profession. Even he was nominated in various prestigious categories. He won people’s choice award in 1992 for his role in soap opera. Besides that in 1998, he won the award Daytime Emmy for his role in soap opera again. 


None knows her actual salary because there was not given concerning her salary information. Even this information never ever published in any article or magazine. Thus, none will get the details regarding her earnings until today. 

Net Worth

Dale Russell Gudegast’s net worth is around $100k per year through her acting career. On the other hand, her husband’s net worth is around $25 million and $100 every hour as income.


In 2010, dale and his husband brought a house in Los Angeles California. The total price of that house was around $4.5 million. The house has six bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. The house is 5675 square feet.

Interesting Facts About Gudegast

Full name- Dale Russell Gudegast

Age- 79

Date of birth- 17th November 1941

Date of place- California, Los Angeles, united state of America

Education- graduated

Marital status- married

Nationality- American 

Kids- one son

Profession- acting

Net worth- $ 100 thousand


In 2001, she started her acting profession with the film holiday in the sun, and the character role of her in the movie was a chauffeur. Besides that, she did the movies Megan fox and Ashley Olsen. She even thinks to write-up a book on their life. 

Holiday In The Sun

This movie was an adventurous romantic family drama. This movie appeared on the big screen in 2001 and a turning point in her filmy career. In the movie, she had played; the role of teenagers, and snatches everyone’s admiration. Steve Purcell directed the film. 

Dale Russell Gudegast Movies

In the picture holiday in the sun, she played the role of a character who goes for an adventurous vacation at the Atlantic paradise island. 


Hence, is complete information about Dale Russell Gudegast’s personal and professional life as well as and a brief account of her life.

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