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Previously we mainly enjoyed the entertainment on Television. We gathered in front of the Tv and enjoy movies, tv shows, and serials. Thereafter cinema halls came into the market. Audiences went there however things started to change after online streaming platforms buzz the market. With a smartphone, and internet connection they can enjoy any kind of entertainment. These things started to change also. They want to save the content on mobile for the multi-task. For instance, YouTube is the most popular and largest streaming platform in the world. And most mobile users use YouTube. However, if you are on YouTube, you can not do other work on mobile, if you are not a premium subscriber. But some third-party website like y2mate.is the best option to enjoy an offline experience. Moreover, it is one type of convertidor mp3.

What Is Y2mate?

Y2mate is a website for downloading youtube, Facebook, and other streaming platforms’ content for free. The video will be directly saved into mobile storage and can view offline. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or other streaming service does not support the online view. Therefore, the audience has to use a third-party y2mate mp3 app for this.

Why Y2mate Is So Popular?

These days enjoying content with online streaming platforms is a common thing we do. With just an active internet connection, we can enjoy. However, that also became annoying for different reasons.

For instance, we want to do other things on mobile therefore, you can not enjoy the streaming service in the background. So, you have to choose between one. Or you are traveling, you want to enjoy music but the screen can discharge your mobile more, therefore you want only audio mp3.

Similarly, there are more reasons, why audio mp3 suits more. Therefore we need to convert the video music into audio. And that is why y2mate became so popular. It is doing this job easily. Moreover, when you get the downloading content, it will feel like a gift from new baby gifts.

About Y2mate-

Y2mate.is website was launched in 2016. There is both app and web available for downloading your favorite content.  You can download content from different online streaming platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Youku, Video, Dailymotion, and many more. but it is not a traditional online streaming platform like goganime or something like that.

Moreover, it supports different formats of content like MP4, MP3, M4V, FLV, 3GP, MO, WMV, and many more. You can download HD quality video with 128kbps music. And that is the highest quality you will get moreover, it is sufficient to enjoy high-quality content.

It is a very popular website. y2mate mp3 gets huge traffic every day. However, it remains stable all the time and performs very well. Moreover, its download speed is well enough to satisfy its users. In fact, it also has almost 21 different languages and it is worth of popularity.

Why You Should Use Y2mate?

  • The unlimited number of conversions of youtube videos.
  • The site is too faster to convert the video and download it.
  • There is no limit to downloading youtube videos.
  • The website is totally free for conversion.
  • No sign up required for using the site.
  • Different formats of copy support.
  • Various online streaming content can be converted from this site.

Is Y2mate Illegal?

There is no precise answer for it. This is a very complex thing. Using any kind of tool is not illegal however the unfair usage of any things is illegal.

However, in the United States, using y2mate.is is legal. If you are using this tool only for personal enjoyment it is legal. But if you using it for professional work, you need to get permission to use it.

However, downloading youtube videos depends on the place’s privacy policy. Moreover, if you are in other than the US, you need to look carefully at the copyright policies of your country and use the app.

How To Download YouTube Videos From Y2mate-

  • Copy the URL of the video from YouTube.
  • Visit https://www.y2mate.is/.
  • Paste the URL in the given box.
  • Therefore, Y2mate will load the video automatically.
  • Thereafter a new interface of the screen will arrive with different resolutions and formats.
  • Click on the “download” option to download the youtube video.

 In this process, if you are redirecting to any other page, close the page and back to y2mate. Thereafter follow the remaining process. Moreover, during the time of processing, if you are led to any other page, don’t click on that. And go back to the main page.

Is Y2mate Trustworthy?

Y2mate.is is the largest video downloading site. It is very easy to access and fast. However, it contains ads, malicious pop-ups, and links that can redirect you to some unsafe websites. Therefore, many experts think it is not trustworthy. However, it is not absolutely true. You should not click on any malicious ads and links.

How To do away with pop-up ads and viruses?

Many people do not use the spp due to this popping ad and notification problem. It seems like, y2mate stole data from their device. They think about how to get rid of this. Here we come with solutions.

The pop-ads and notifications come when you allowed y2mate to send notifications. In fact, might be you add its extension on your browser. Or you might be infected with y2mmate’s virus from any advertisements.

We are providing some solutions below. Check if that works for you. Otherwise, you have to download proper antivirus software, for instance, Norton, Bitdefender, McAfee, and many more.

●    Remove Y2mate.is notification from the browser-

  • Go to chrome
  • Tap on three dots of the chrome’s top corner.
  • Go to privacy and security.
  • Remove the Y2mate website from allowing.

●     Remove Extension from the browser-

  • Visit chrome.
  • Search chrome://apps
  • Right-click on the Y2mate extension
  • Select Remove from chrome.

●    Throw Away Unwanted Application From Y2mate.com-

For Windows 10

  • Open start menu
  • Go to settings
  • Then system
  • Select foisting app
  •  Click on Uninstall

For Windows 7

  • Go to start menu
  • Control panel
  • Programs
  • Uninstall a program


Y2mate.is neither a very safe site to visit nor a dangerous site. Using any third-party apps to download legal video is always compromised with the privacy policy. Moreover, y2mate always keeps records of your all downloading history and IP address.

However, the ads are not risky on the site, but it invades your privacy. Many ads that contain malware may turn out very risky. Therefore, you should use this third party for downloading youtube at your own risk.

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