415 Area Code: Location, History, Time Zone, Scam, And More Info

415 Area Code

415 area code referred to Northern California’s two popular states, San Fransisco Country and Marin Country. This area code widely spread from the San Fransisco metro area to Financial District. From south of Brisbane to north Dillon Beach. Besides, Marin Country is smaller in size and population but is often named one of the most prosperous states in the United States.

 Nature is one of the attractions of Marin Country. Bridges are always the main attraction. But 415 area code is full of over 225 parks. Everyone knows the name of Almo square, famous for film and music pop culture destination. You may also explore Giant Play of oracle Park. where you will find popular opera singers performing at The War Memorial Opera House. And enjoy the seafood of San Francisco.

Location Of 415 Area Code-

The 415 area code covers four countries and 27 cities. It serves mostly the San Francisco bay area Marin Country and San Mateo country. Moreover, San Rafal and San Francisco are the popular two cities in this area code.

Other popular cities are California Park, Dogtown, Kentfield, Inverness Park, San Quentin, Santa Venetia, McNears Beach, Sausalito, Marshall, Novato, Tamalpais-Homestead Valley, Tiburon, Sleepy Hollow, Paradise Cay, Point Reyes Station,  and many more.

History Of 415 Area Code-

In the original plan of 1947, the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) divided the state of California into three area codes according to its geographical location. At first 415 was given to Central California, 213 was given to northern California and the last 916 area code was assigned to Southern California.

The numbering plan was reorganized in 1950. And this time central and northern parts divide. This area code became the new code of the coastal region and 916 got the northern corner of the state. 

After that, the increasing population caused a split of 415 area codes three times. As the population grows usage of mobile and landlines grow exponentially. The first split happened on 1st March 1959. A new code 707 was created for San Jose and Sun Bay. second time on 2nd September 1991 a new cod 510 was created for East Bay. The third time it happen was in 1997, new code 650 was created and kept in between San Fransisco and San Mateo. But san fransisco kept 415.

Besides, an overlay area code 628 was introduced on 21st February. Like all overlays code, this code was also created for maintaining the heavy pressure of the landline and mobile users. Overlays code always works with existing code in the same area.

Time Zone Of Area Code 415-

As the 415 area code lies in the California area, it mainly follows Pacific Time Zone(PST). Local time is eight hours behind Greenwich Mean Time(GMT) or Coordinated Universal Time. which means they calculator time in (UTC/GMT – 5). But during summertime, thy follows Pacific Daylight Tim(PDT), where time is calculated advanced an hour (UTC/GMT – 7).

PST refers to November to march and summertime PDT refers to March to November.

This time zone was also followed by several parts of the USA including Washington, California, Alaska, Nevada, and also some parts of Canada and Mexico.

Is this Area Code Scam?

There is some recent news listened to, that 415 area code got scammed. As the technology evolved misuse of it also increased. You can’t avoid the fact that technology gives you the best and worst experiences both. Scammer invited new ideas to rob. Using area code one can customize the mobile number and grow the business. On the other hand, the customizable option gives an extra op[portunities to scam.

Scammers mainly use phone calls and text messages to scam. So everyone has to stay alert. Don’t receive any call from an unfamiliar number. Also, don’t call back any unknown numbers. And anytime you faced a scam, cut the call immediately and report the scam. Also blocking the number contact the local authority to help you.


The diverse economy of the 415 area code attracts people from all over the world. Moreover, San Francisco is the hub of the country’s top bank and almost 30 foreign international organizations. That is why San Francisco is called the global financial center. So, San Fransisco is now regarded as a mixture of invitations in the field of biotechnology and academic research.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)-

1. Is the 415 area code a toll-free number?

No, this area code number is majorly in San Fransisco. Toll-free numbers do have not any definite location.

2. How does One call the 415 area code number?

One has to dial 1+415+seven digit number to call.

3. How do I avoid this area code mobile scam?

The first thing is alert and secondly, if you ever faced it, cut the call and report spam and block it. Later contact the local police station.

4. Is 415 area code numbers available?

It’s very difficult to get as most of the numbers are exhausted and a new number 628 came into the market.

5. Which time zone follows the 415 area code?

It follows two different time zone, Pacific Standard Time(PST) and Pacific Day Time(PDT).

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