917 Area Code – New York City History, Location, Time Zone

917 Area Code

The 917 area code refers to classic, traditional New York City(NYC). you can easily visualize a road with bright lights, yellow taxis, famous museums, and many more to explore in the 917 area code. Even this city offers you Times Square or Bronx Zoo, fully lightened and well-decorated restaurants. Moreover, you will get everything you want in the New York City 917 code.

NYC has always been a populated province state of the US. But the growth of this population is increased over the decade. This exponential population caused a lack of phone numbers in the area. Due to this problem, in 1992, New York City started a new 917 area code.

History Of 917 Area Code-

As you know, NYC used 212 as the area code. It used this code from 1947, given by the North American Numbering Plan. but in 1984, Numbering Plan Area has redistributed the area code. They gave separate area codes 718 to Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. And 212 remained for Manhattan and Bronx.

In 1990, the new york telephone company appealed for a new area code as they faced a number shortage. But at that point in time, the request was totally avoided by New York Public Service Commission.

Two years later in 1992, the area code was rescheduled again. The area code 212 was only allocated for Manhattan. And the Bronx is included with Brooklyn in area code 718. But here we find 917 as an additional area code for all of this district.

After 917 came to market it became the new norm. All cell phones in NYC transferred into 917.

Place Covered 917 Area Code –

The area code is used for municipalities of NYC. these are the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. The area code worked as an overlapping code. Although NYC has several codes like 212, 718, 332, 646, and 374. This code is mainly used for cellular purposes within the city. This code is also used for landlines purpose. But mainly in Manhattan, it is used for landline purposes to overcome the number of shortages here.

This code is now surrounded all over New York City. Like you will find five municipalities Bronx down to Staten Island. The code now served around 9 million people within 300 sq miles. It is also a service provider of various well-known places like Prospect Park, Downtown Flushing, and Yankee Stadium.

Time Zone Of 917 Area Code –

Most provinces in the United States, are on the Eastern front. New York City is not different from it. They also lie in the Eastern Time Zone. The area code is behind 5 hours of Greenwich Mean Time(GMT) or Coordinated Universal Time. so if you want to know the time of NYC, you can simply do GMT-5. But here is an interesting fact. You can do this equation GMT/UTC – 5 only from November to March. But they changed this equation from March to November. NYC wants to save daylight so they do UTC/GMT – 4 in these March to November months. These months work as Eastern Daylight Time(EDT) for the 917 area code.

Local Area Code Become One Of Top Most Busines Number-

The city of New York itself is popular with progressive people with innovative ideas and bombastic business. One can’t deny that NYC gives the best atmosphere for growing businesses and new start-ups. Everyone is taking the business very acceptable. Moreover, clients attracted to NYC is very much.

Moreover, the best feature to do a business in New York City is there is no relocation cost at any time. 917 area code with a telephone number gives you that opportunity. It’s the biggest opportunity for an entrepreneur.

Besides, if you somehow managed a number with 917 area code it will give a massive boost to your company. 917 area code, gives you an introduction to others as an organization from the largest economics zone. Surely it brings more credibility to the business.


New York City is a dream for everyone who started a new business or growing a business. Cultura of business maks new york city to a new level. However, everything is here well designed and high technology-based. If you take an example of a transportation system. You will find buses, subways, trains, ferries, cabs, and airlines. This type of privilege instantly introduces you to the world.

Besides, all the facilities in business categories, it arranges several big parties, fairs, festivals, exhibitions, and firework events. You can know more on New York CIty’s official page. In addition, you will find several sports-related major teams and HQ. it is also called the “Capital of Baseball.” in short 917 area code represent New York City and its diversity.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)-

1. In Which Year was 917 Area Code Introduced?

In 1992, code 917 was introduced.

2. Do You Know How Many Sports HQ Are In NYC?

You can find popular HQ like National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, and the National Hockey League.

3. Why There Is Different Time Zone In NYC?

To maintain adequate daylight, NYC used different time zone.

4. How Many Burroughs in 917 Area Code?

There are 5 Burroughs in NYC. Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island

5. In NYC, A Very Famous Cultural Movement Started, Can You Name It?

Harlem Renaissance is the one.

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