646 Area Code: Location, History, Tim Zone, Scam, And More Info!

646 Area Code

The famous New York City with 646 area code represents the mobile numbers in various industries like technology, fashion, financial service, broadcasting, tourism, information technology, and many more as the 813 area code city in Florida.

New York City is the hub of the world’s financial institutions. And also the famous New York Stock Exchange(NYSE), is home to many financial traders, brokers, and investors from different parts of the world.

Not only the financial organization, multinational corporations, and banks but also New York City has several other different industries like advertising, media house, fashion shows, and many more.

For all of these getting a 646 area code number for your business surely gives a massive boost. When you got the number you will be regarded as a prestigious New York Based Company. Which gives you valuable popularity.

Code 646 illustrates a wide range of phone numbers in Manhattan, New York. Manhattan is mostly regarded as “the city” by the locals of New York. also, this city has some huge attractional places like Central Park, some famous museums, fascinating restaurants and full of bright lights roads.

Location Of 646 Area Code-

The 646 area code serves the Manhattan area of New York Country. It includes the borough of Manhattan municipalities Manhattan Island and several other islands. The Hudson and Harlem river encompasses the Manhattan area. And it divided Manhattan into three parts. Downtown Manhattan for lower parts, Midtown Manhattan, and Uptown Manhattan for upper parts.

In this area, you will find some mesmerizing places for the tour. Central Park and Times Square always will be the priority on the list. Other places like Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal, and Chrysler Building have to visit. Also, some popular universities are found in this area like New York University, Rockefeller University, Columbia University, and many more.

646 area code number covers most of the area of manhattan hills both cell phone and landlines. The borough which did not come under the code number is Marble Hill. It comes under the 719 area code number.

That means this area code number is specific to the Manhattan and Bronx areas. That includes some hot spots like Greenwich Village, Herald Square, SoHo, and Tribeca.

History Of 646 Area Code-

As already mentioned 646 area code is for New York. North America Numbering Plan(NANP) gave four area codes for the Manhattan area. 646 is one of the four codes of the populated Manhattan area. Other ara codes are 212,917 and 332.

From 1990- 2000 there was a flood in the population Manhattan area as New York City went for the millennium. The wave of the population cause the new need for area code, and that’s how the area code was introduced.

Moreover, a fascinating fact is that after the introduction of the 646 code in 1999, the number is running out in just 20 years.

Time Zone of 646 Area Code-

This area code follows the Eastern Time Zone (EST). Eastern Time Zone is also known as the New York time zone.

 Eastern Standard Time (EST) is 5 hours behind  Greenwich Mean Time(GMT) or Coordinated Universal Time. While calculating the local time, one should do GMT/UTC – 5.

This time zone is used between late November to early March.

But during summertime, they used the EDT time zone. Due to daylight saving from late March to early November they used GMT/UTC – 4 for local time.

Eastern Time Zone is also known as America/New York Time Zone. Besides, EST or Eastern Standard Time is also used in a few other countries like Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, some parts of Mexico, and Eastern Canada.

The Scam Of 646 Area Code Number-

There is everything which has some bad and good effects. Technology advanced, and the people used it. And there is always someone who misuses it.

In this case of area code numbers, scammers misuse the benefits. Scammers always use text message phone calls to scam.

In recent times 646 area code reports some IRS scam. There will be one who called you and introduced himself as an IRS officer. And told you that there is some pending due amount. If you have not provided the du amount they threaten that they will arrest you.

Moreover, you have to remind that, no IRS officer will ever call for pending due.

So, if you ever faced this type of scam call, you have to cut the call immediately, report the scam, and block the number.


New York City is the dream for many industries. Its location and advantages make it a perfect place for business. Besides, there is more competition, for a newcomer. But if one can do it properly, the business can grow exponentially. Area code always gives you a special identity. Getting this area code as your business number can benefits your company directly.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)-

1. Is the 646 area code a toll-free number?

No, the 646 area code number is majorly in the Manhattan City of New York. Toll-free numbers do have not any definite location.

2. Is 646 area code numbers available?

It’s very difficult to get, as most of the numbers are exhausted by 2020.

3. How does One call the 646 area code number?

One has to dial 1+646+seven digit number to call.

4. Which Time Zone 646 area code follows?

Eastern Standard Times and Eastern Daylight Times

5. How do I avoid 646 area code mobile scams?

Always be alert. If you ever faced, cut the call and block the number.

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