470 Area Code: Location, History, Time zone, Scam, And More info!

470 Area Code

470 area code mainly served Atlanta the state of Georgia, in the southeast United States. This city has a massive amount of business opportunities. The city is also called the City In The Forest. Atlanta city is one largest metropolitan cities in the United State of America.

So, the city is regarded as a beta(+) world city. Atlanta city is the center point of the economic, cultural, and demographic center of the state of Georgia.

Atlanta city has several tourist places and some attractable to enjoy and do. Like Atlanta motor speedway racing, which arranges annually NASCAR cup. Also have some parks, stadiums, museums, and Sandy Springs Performing Centre to enjoy. Moreover, Atlanta city became such a tourist destination that now hotels, motels, and restaurants are increasing in numbers, and also these are becoming visitors’ attractions.

Location Of 470 Area Code

470 area code provides services mainly in Atlanta City. On the other hand, major cities in this area codes are Metro Atlanta, Gainesville, East Point, Marietta, Smyrnarna, and Sandy Springs. Roswell, Alpharetta, John Creek, Dunwoody, Peachtree City, North Atlanta, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville, Carrollton, Stockbridge, Woodstock, Union City, Carterville, Sugar Hill, Fayetteville, Forest Park, Riverdale, Monroe, College Park, and many more.

History Of 470 Area Code

470 area code was introduced by the North American Numbering Plan(NANP). It is a telephonic area code number. This area code came on the market on 26th February 2010. So, it provides service across Northern America. And it was assigned mainly to the service providers. Area code 470’s largest customer base is Kennsaww Stat University, Kenesaw.

Time Zone Of 470 Area Code

If you take the United States there you’ll find much different time zone for different parts of the country. It’s very obligated to know the time zone of each part. If you want to expand your business in the US market or you wanted to communicate with someone in the US it’s very necessary to know which city has what time zone.

470 area code follows the Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST). Eastern Standard Time Zone is also known as the New York time zone.

 Eastern Standard Time (EST) is just 5 hours behind  Coordinated Universal Time or Greenwich Mean Time(GMT). While calculating the local time, you should do GMT/UTC – 5h.

This time zone is used between late November to early March.

But in the summertime, they used the Eastern Daylight Time Zone (EDT). Due to daylight saving in summer, from late March to early November they used GMT/UTC – 4h for local time.

Eastern Time Zone is also known as America/New York Time Zone. Besides, EST or Eastern Standard Time is also used in a few other countries like Colombia, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, The Dominican Republic,  Panama, Ecuador, Peru, some parts of Mexico, and Eastern Canada.

Scam Report On 470 Area Code-

The scam is a recent trending topic in the technical world. As technology and internet users grow, scam is increasing too. You very often found that scammers steal money and other personal information.

Every good thing had some bad side effects. The scammer is that side effects. They mainly use phone calls and text messages to scam. In addition, they mostly pretend that they are calling from, Bank, IRS, or any other financial institution. And gaining trust they claim the money. Sometimes they can threaten you with money and personal information.

470 area cod number is also used for some scams in recent times. This area code number is basically for service providers. Scammers call and they pretend they are calling from a service provider company’s customer care. And gaining truest they wnt some personal information and money for that.

So any time you can also face the problem. So better, if you ways alert on the phone call of unknown number. Never call back any unknown number. Besides, if you ever faced this type of scam call, first cut that phone and report scam. Your report may help others from scamming. Then block the number. And for better contact with the local police.

Expanding Business with 470 Area Code

Atlanta city is the 9th largest city in the United States. And the city is the depot of some multi-billionaire company headquarter. Big companies like The Southern Company, Genuine Parts Company, Home Depot,  The Coca-Cola Company, UPS (United Parcel Service), Delta Air Lines Inc., and many more. So the business atmosphere will be so much ideal here.

Moreover, the city is always ready to take up new startups. One can easily get tuff at an affordable price due to low wages in the state. The city also offers low-cost living other than any other metropolitan city.

An area code number is an introduction of your business to the world. Getting the 470 area code number as a business number can easily boost your company.


Atlanta has now four area codes. 470 area code is one of them, other area codes are 404, 678, and 770. The increasing population growth of Atlanta is the main reason behind this.

However, being the capital city of Georgia, Atlanta city organized various events throughout the year, that attract the whole world. I can some popular events like Atlanta Jazz Festival, One Musicfest, Sweet Water 420, Music Midtown, and many more.

Moreover, The Museum of Contemporary Art Of Georgia and the Georgia Aquarium are also tourist attractive places in the world. Some political tourist places like the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum, one can also visit.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)-

Is the 470 area code a toll-free number?

No, the 470 area code number is majorly in Atlanta city in Georgia. Therefore, toll-free numbers do not have any definite location

Which Time Zone 470 area code follows?

Eastern Standard-Times and Eastern Daylight Times

How do I avoid 470 area code mobile scams?

Always be alert. If you ever faced, cut the call, report spam, and block the number.

How does One call the 470 area code number?

One has to dial 1+470+seven digit number to call.

In which year was 470 area code introduced?

On February 26, 2010 area code 470 came into the market.

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