805 Area Code: History, Location, Time Zone, Scam, And More Info!

805 Area Code

805 area code serves the state of California in the United States as a telephonic number code. Area code 820 also serves the same area.

Area Code 805 is available in the state of San Luis Obispo, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and southern parts of Monterey country.

Santa Barbara is a graphical province of southern California. Where you will find some fantastic beaches and green grapery fields. Also one can explore Spanish colonialism and historical facts.

The area code comprises the cities, which had a high level of accountability for both tourism and business.

Area code 805 has an estimated population of 2,200,000 people.

Location of 805 Area Code-

Eight hundred and five area code is in Southern  California, touched by the Pacific Ocean. If you see its geographical location, you will find, that it is North of Los Angles, south of San Jose west side of Bakersfield.

The countries are in the range of area code 805-  Monterey(Gorda, Bryson, Bradley, Parkfield), Santa Babara(Balland, Carpinteria, Buellton, Camalia, Garey, Cuyama, Gaviota, Garey, Goleta, Hope Ranch, Guadalupe, Isla Vista, Los Alamos, Lompoc, Los Olivo, Mission Hills, Mission Canyon, Montecito, Orcutt, New Cuyama, Santa Barbara, Santa Yens, Santa  Maria, Sisquoc, Summerland, Solvang, Toro Canyon, Vandenberg Village, Vandenberg AFB, Ventucopa),  San Luis Obispo (Atascadero,Arroyo Grande, Avilia Beach, Californi Valley, Baywood-Los Osos, Cambria, Cholame, Cayucos, Grover Beach, Harmony, Halcyon, Lake Nacimiento, Morro Bay, Los Osos, Nipomo, Paso Roble, Oceano, Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, Pozo, San Miguel, Santa Margarita, San Simeon, Templeton, Shandon) Ventura ( Barsdale, Buckhorn, Camarillo, Casa Conejo, Channel Islands Beach, EL Rio, La ConChita, Fillmore, Lake Sherwood, Mira Monte, Meiners Oaks, Montalvo, Newbury park, Moonpark, Oak View, Oxnar, Ojai, Piru, Port Hueneme, Point Mugu, Santa Paula, Simi Valley, Saticoy, Somis,Thousands Oaks, Ventura)

Almost an approximate 2.2 million people lived in the area code Eight hundred and five area code. This cod also serves several military bases.

History Of 8 05 Area Code-

In 1957 area code 213 split and emerged as a new area code Eight hundred and five area code. An increase in number population caused a new area code number. So, in 1991 the area code further split, and a new area code 661 introduce. The 661 area code is especially for Santa Clarita Valley, San Joaquin, and Antelope Valley.

Moreover, in August 2016 California Public Utilities Commission had some conversations on the requirement of a new and split the area code 805.

In a couple of years, in June 2018 California Public Utilities Commission selected 820  the overlay code for the 805 area code.

Time Zone Of 805 Area Code-

805 area code follows Pacific Time Zone. Pacific Standard Time (PST) is 8 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time or Greenwich Mean Time(GMT). While calculating the local time, one should do GMT/UTC – 8h.

This time zone is used between late November to early March.

But during summertime, they used the PDT time zone. Due to daylight saving from late March to early November they used GMT/UTC – 7 for local time.

Pacific Time Zone is also known as America/Los Angles Time Zone. Besides, PST or Pacific Standard Time is also used in Canada and several parts of Mexico and the Philippines

Is 805 Area Code Scam?

The scam is a trending topic in present times. Due to advanced technology, both use and misuse have grown. Day by day scammers is finding new topics to steal. Mostly they pretend they are called from any governmental office, banks, and other financial institutions. And try to know your personal details.

Scammers mainly use text messages or phone calls to rob. Mostly they are threatening for various reasons.

In recent times, scams reported from this area code, regarding a scammer pretending to be a government official of the Social Security Administrative Department. And thy are asking much personal information, and also for money. Moreover,  threats to arrest if required are not fulfilled.

So be careful every time. Alert all time. If you are facing this type of scam call, cut the call immediately and report the scam. Your report may help others. And then block the number. So never call back any unknown number. Besides don’t share any personal details with an unknown caller.

One has to always remind that government officials, banks, or any other financial institution never call you for any document.


You may have a different opinion, but an area code number associated with a business can give your business a massive boost. It will directly or indirectly impact the company. An area code number that will add as your company contact number, can make a huge difference.

Despite having only 3-digit numbers, 805 area code numbers associated with the business can give your company a touch of professionalism.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)-

Is the Eight hundred and five area code toll-free number?

No, this area code number is majorly in Santa Barbara. Toll-free numbers do have not any definite location.

Which Time Zone 805 area code follows?

Pacific Standard-Times and Pacific Daylight Times.

What is the overlay area code of the 805 area code?

Area code 820 is the new overlay area code of area code Eight hundred and five area code.

How does One call the 805 area code number?

One has to dial 1+805+seven digit number to call

In which year 805 area code introduced?

Area code Eight hundred and five was introduced in 1957.

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