855 Area Code: Location, Time Zone, Benefit, Scam, And More Info!

855 Area Code

If you are an entrepreneur and trying to build a business across USA and Canada then a local area code number is not enough for you. As an example, a man with an area code of New York City mobile number probably facing difficulty to reach a Dallas-based area code mobile number. Even a San Francisco or Austin-based area code mobile number takes you back. But the 855 area code gives you that freedom to expose your business.

Most area codes are specific to any city. 855 area code is different. Rather than being knotted to any specific city, this is a toll-free number that can be used by anyone anytime from the United States, Canada, and other several countries and states.

Toll-Free Numbers are generally used by businesses. It is that type of service line where the person receiving a call pays the bill instead of the one who called.

This type of area code like the 805 area code attracts people from different states of North America. In this article, we will discuss more 855 area codes, and their advantage, and disadvantage.

Location Of 855 Area Code-

An 855 area code number call can be done and come from anywhere in the United States. It may be from Alaska, Philadelphia, or Alabama. Other area codes that give you much information about what is the code’s history or from where the codes come? But in the case of toll-free numbers do not give such information.

Today this area code is a toll-free service provided by many organizations. In the past when the toll-free concept was introduced rea code 800 was mostly used as a toll-free number. But when change comes to industry and people have to dial 1+area code+local phone number, mobile companies found insufficient 800 area code numbers. So the infamous 855 area code was introduced. And Since then it has continuously grown.

Time Zone Of 855 Area Code-

As already mentioned in the article that there is no specific location of the 855 area code. Anybody from the NANP location can get the toll-free number easily by making some simple and easy payments. So it is sure that there will be no perfect time zone for this area code. As every location has a different time zone. It could be Eastern Standard Time, Central Standard Time, or Pacific Standard Time Zone.

Benefit Of 855 Area Code-

Why toll free numbers are so popular? How does the 855 area code benefit business so much? The market is always craving toll-free numbers. Here is our analysis-

  • An area code phone number is restricted to one area or location. Toll-free numbers are not restricted to any specific geographic location. The toll-free number suggests your potential customer base instead of operating in one city.
  • 855 area code helps you grow your business more. A toll-free number can give the company access outside the base location area. Even you number gain reputation on a global business as you start target abroad customer.
  • If you dial a local area code number it will fells like you are calling your neighborhood. Surely it will help you to build local customer-company relationships. But surely it will decrease your reputation in the international client circle. On the other side, a toll-free number shows the client that you as a business icon once you put the area code 855 into the game.
  • Toll-free numbers always help a lot to get more calls. If your company has a toll-free number, he/she may rely more upon it. Moreover, when customers get to know that they do have not to worry about cost, they’ll satisfy more.
  • A local area code number is rarely memorable. But toll-free numbers are easily stacked on my mind. Moreover, in recent times one can use the area code as a vanity number. Like 1-855-DETROIT.

What About the 855 Area Code Scam?

Everyone is aware that in recent times, the phone scam rate is higher. People are trapped under scams easily. Everyone wants to take advantage of growing technology. Electing numbers and customizing them is an option that young lads craze.  Online scammers mostly used this trick to scam.

Like all other toll-free numbers 455 area code number is on the scam list. The scammer used this toll-free number and gained the trust of customers. Most of the time they pretend that they are calling from banks and other financial institutions. This trick works and people are trapped easily.

Scammers always use phone calls and text messages to rob. So every time you pick up an unknown call, please be careful. Don’t call back any unknown number. And if you ever think that this number may be a scam call, first cut the call immediately and report the scam and block the number. Later you should contact the local police for better.


A toll-free number has some disadvantages also. Like if you have the toll-free numbers you have to get om meaningless and unuseful calls. Moreover, the cost of a toll-free number is much higher than a regular number. But a toll-free 855 area code phone number easily removes the distance between the company and clients. So it will boost your and company’s reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)-

1. Is the 855 area code a toll-free number?

yes, the 855 area code number is toll-free. Toll-free numbers do have not any definite location.

2. Is 855 area code numbers available?

No, it is still well available in the market. But the situation will change near future. As the code gains population.

3. Is the 855 area code safe to call?

Federal Communication Commission approved 855 as a toll-free number. So it is safe to use, but scammers it is also used by scammers.

4. Could I call back the 855 area code?

You can call back. But you should make sure the call is from a genuine company.

5. How does One call the 855 area code number?

One has to dial 1+855+seven digit number to call.

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