512 Area Code: Location, History, Time Zone, And More Info!

512 Area Code

512 area code of the city of Austin, and its surrounded city. Austin is known for its music, its amicable nature, and tons of fruit trucks. And everyone is aware of how tacos, the well-known fruit in this zone.

Austin is called the live music capital of the world. It is always confounded to a funky beat. And if you explore area code 512, you’ll find some Texas-size treats. You can enjoy, Ladybird lake and Zilker park for natural beauty.

But do you know why most people travel 512 area code? Texas State Capitol and Congress Avenue Bridge for Quick sunset, are the main attraction points.

Location Of 512 Area Code-

The majority of customers of the 512  area code are landline and mobile phone users of Austin city. The code covers the city and its surroundings. The surroundings are Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Pflugerville, and San Marcos.

Travis, Texas’s most populated country of 512 area code, has a huge 1,024,266  population. Which is around 18% of the total area population. Besides, Austin is the most populated city in this zone and has a population of 790,390, 5% of the total 512’s population.

History Of 512 Area Code-

This code was one of the original codes. This code is given to the state of Texas in the original numbering plan in 1947. At that time it serves the very populous area of the Lone Star state. Also, 512 are code serve Central and South Texas, Brownsville, McAllen, and San Antonio.

Moreover, in 1992, when the population increases more, state regulators decided to introduce a new area code.  An increased population cause shortage of number. They allow Autin to keep 512 as their area code. It would have too hazardous work to replace a new number. Also, it was expensive and difficult work too.

And today 512 area code is very popular and extensive. Not just Travis Country, it was also spread in Williamson, Hays, and more. Although the majority of users are from Travis Country, especially Austin.

In 1947, the original North American Numbering Plan(NANP) provides 512 area codes from Mexico Gulf to the Mexican border. In 2013, area code 737 was introduced and it overlays the 512 area code.

Time zone of 512 Area Code-

512 area code mostly falls in Central Time Zone. Austin follows Central Standard Time. They calculate as per  Greenwich Mean Time(GMT) or Coordinated Universal Time as GMT / UTC – 6. But here is an interesting fact. They calculate this only other than during the summer season. In the summertime, they follow GMT/UTC – 5. It is only because of daylight saving. The summer period is from March to November. These months come under Central Daylight time(CDT).

Most Mexico and North American people, follow Central Time Zone. So if you want to connect with anybody in Austin, Check local time and working hours, because time differs very much and most business helplines will be in the local time zone.

512 Area Code As Business Start-Up-

CNBC( the best news channel on business, stock, and financial coverage) honored Austin as #1 in Startup business in the USA. The various report suggested Texas city emerged as home to the fastest growing technology communities. The best part of this city is that attracts business capitalists with low-cost living and is easily accessible to governmental institutions. And in recent times, the 512 area code as one of the best start-up cities.

Is this Area Code Scam?

When technology is enhanced, people take more advantage of it. Like one can customize the own phone number and take more benefits. But every advantage has a secret disadvantage. In this case, scammers use the customizable technology to rob one. There have been some reports claiming, that the 512 area code is a scam.

To avoid scams, you have to be alert all the time. Don’t call back an unknown mobile number like the 855 area code. And if a phone call is look like a scam call, cut the call immediately and block the number.


512 area code is Autin’s area code. Moreover, it was a pride to them. As this was their founding area code from the original plan in 1947, it was a heritage. Today Austin developed both economically and historically. Not only it is now a business start-up city in the US, but also has some mesmerizing tourist places like Ladybird lake and Zilker park for natural beauty. Moreover, this defined Austin and its charming beauty.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)-

1. Is the 512 area code a toll-free number?

No, the number is majorly in Austin. Toll-free numbers do have not any definite location.

2. How do I get a 512 area code number?

You have to get in touch with major carriers of Austin City like Cingular, Southwestern Bell, and Sprint.

3. Is these code numbers available?

It’s very difficult to get as most of the numbers are exhausted and a new number 737 came into the market.

4. How do One call the 512 area code number?

One has to dial the first 512 and then the seven-digit mobile number.

5. How do I avoid from 512-area code mobile scam?

The first thing is alert and secondly, if you ever faced it, cut the call and report spam and block it. Later contact the local police station.

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