R&B King and his scandals, R Kelly Net Worth In Negative

R Kelly Net Worth

Robert Sylvester Kelly popularly known as R KELLY is an American-born musician. He is a multi-talented artist as a singer, producer, and great songwriter. He has a great hand to redefine pop music and rhythm & blue(r&b) music.

Kelly’s famous song was “I Believe I Can Fly”, “Your Body’s Calling”, “If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time”,”The World’s Greatest” Trapped in the Closet” “Bump N’ Grind”,”Gotham City” and goes on. 

The song “I Believe I Can Fly” gave him three Grammy awards. In 1996 he was nominated for a Grammy award again and this time for Pop icon Michael Jackson’s “you are not alone”.

As the report suggested R Kelly net worth is negative. R Kelly net worth 2021 is near about $-2 million. If you want to know why R Kelly net worth is low there is always a quick answer controversy.

Early Life

Robert Sylvester Kelly, was born on January 8, 1967, in the south of Chicago city of the US. Joanne, Kelly’s mother was a famous singer. At the age of 13, Kelly was admitted to Kenwood Academy. 

In school, kelly met school music teacher Mclin who inspired him to sing. Kelly performed the song “Ribbon in the Sky” by Stevie Wonder. Kelly rock the stage and grabbed the first prize in the High school talent show. 

Earlier kelly was on the school basketball team. Mcclin inspires him to leave the basketball team and focus on music. This talent show changed kelly’s mind. And after some time kelly was found with dyslexia, which cost him to leave the school. He started to perform in the streets.

As per his autobiography at an early stage of life, he was assaulted by an elder woman. Carey, the younger brother of Kelly once confessed the sexual abuse came from none other than his elder sister, Theresa. 

Professional Life 

In 1989 a Music group was formed comprised of Robert Kelly, Vincent Walker, Shawn Brooks, and Marc McWilliams named( Musically Gifted or Mentally Gifted Man)MGM. This group released the song “Why You Wanna Play Me” in1990. But the group decoupled the same year.

Before disbanding in 1989 the group MGM participated in a popular TV show namely Big Break. There they staged “All My Love”, which later become the demo song for Kelly’s “She’s Got That Vibe”. In that TV show, they won a massive amount of $100,000 prize money.

In 1991 Kelly and Jive records signed a contract. And 1992 they published their debut album “Born Into The ’90s. It makes a massive hit in the genre with other hits “Slow Dance” and “Honey Love”.

In 1993  Robert’s debut album “12 Play” was published which gave record-breaking songs like “Bump N’ Grind”. His next hit singles were “Your Body Callin”, and “Sex Me”.

In 1997, Kelly wears number 12 jersy’s in the memory of “12 Play” while playing for a basketball team in Atlantic City. This year his song “I Believe I Can Fly” bring him three Grammy awards.

 Robert Sylvester Kelly collab with many prominent artists including Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Whitney Houston, and many more.

Kelly and P Diddy made a combo “Satisfy You” in 1999 and two years later Kelly collaborated with the king of rap Jay Z and create the top hit “Fiesta”

In 2012 kelly’s “Write Me Back” was the footsteps of future stars Teddy Pendergrass and Marvin Gaye.

After that kelly was struggling for a new music video. His main obstacle was the allegation and intent to crime.

Personal Life

Kelly launched Aaliyah in1994 in an album which is Aaliyah’s first, “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number. At that time she was 14 and kelly was 27. They secretly married that year. Although they separated in1995.

In 1996 Kelly married dancer Andrea Lee. they separated in 2009, having three children.

R Kelly Net Worth

There is nothing so much information about R Kelly net worth 2021. According to Celebrity Net Worth, R Kelly net worth at present is $2 million negative. The report suggests R Kelly net worth was previously near about $100million. But not in present, if asking why is R Kelly net worth so low, it is only because of his allegation against him.

Awards and Nomination

R Kelly was nominated and also awarded numerous times in his 25 years of career as a singer, producer, and songwriter. In his whole carer, he got nominations for 274 awards and won 110 out of them.

He won two American Music Awards. In 2003 he got one and only BET Awards. He won multiple times Billboard Awards and BMI Awards. In 1998 he won three Grammy awards for the song “I Believe I Can Fly” in three different categories.

Allegation and Legal Issues

For more than the last two-decade Kelly Faced multiple allegations of women trafficking, child abuse, money frauding, and many more. 

Women and Child Abusive Cases

Kelly has proven guilty in as many as eight child abusive scandal cases. Some of the cases are trialing in various courts. One of them is in the New York court. Another trial in Chicago court on child prostitution. He has trialed cases in  Minnesota and Illinois.

Kelly’s first marriage to Aaliyah is an underage marriage. Aaliyah was 14 when they married. 

Although both never accepted that they are in a relationship.

In 1991 Kelly was in a relationship with Tiffany Hawkins. They had sex in the age of Tiffany Hawkins’15 and Kelly’s 24. In the case settlement, Ms. Tiffany Hawkins accepted an amount of $250,000.

Tracy Sampson, Patrice Jones, and Montina Woods all sued R Kelly for abusal relationship with them underage. All of the cases are between 2001-and 2002. And all three cases are settled outside court for hidden amounts of money.

Later 2002 Chicago police charged Kelly with a child abusive video containing various sensual acts. Although after eight years of trialing jury didn’t find Kelly guilty.

And after that Robert Sylvester Kelly was accused of many child-abusing and women trafficking cases including his former employee.

Tax Frauding and Money Twisting

In 2012, kelly found, he had $5 million in unpaid taxes since 2006. He lost his Chicago home after defaulting mortgage from 2010. Kelly uprooted from his Atlanta homes after defaulting payment of more than $30,000 as rent and fees.

His financial struggles continue as his foreign tour was canceled because of allegations in the US. Also, the US-based concert is postponed due to protest against him.

Furthermore, the building manager of R Kelly sued him for unpaid rent of 7 months and $23000 per month. As of case filing, he owed $167000.

While Kelly was a prisoner there was a new charge against him. And this time it’s from his second wife Andrea. She filed a case for an unpaid amount of $160,000 for child support.   


Kelly sold over 70 million albums in his entire career. After many allegations, R Kelly was behind the bar in 2019 and the cases are still increasing.  He easily crossed the $200 million level if he would not face any legal issues. But his unorganized lifestyle disrupted his fairy future. In the era of 1990, he had millions of fans, who followed him. The young talent admired him. But in the end, he got banned from every angle of life. He faces protests. He demolished his music career with his own hand. The chanting fan of his concert is now protesting his show. A time when R Kelly net worth was $115 million but he had not holding 1% of it now. 

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