Nothing to 93 million – Mr. beast net worth of $25 million

Mr. beast is an American you tuber, business model, philanthropist, and internet influencer. Jimmy Donaldson was his real name. He has been credited as one of the biggest creators. His contents are versatile. His videos are mostly containing gaming, reaction, donations to strangers, survival challenges,s and many types of real competition.

Every video of Jimmy almost gets twenty million views in the first five to six days. From starting to today he has built an empire on youtube. He started the channel on his own today he hired most of his childhood friends. And now he has a great team of almost thirty people.

All of his wealth comes from his youtube channels, merchandise selling, and video sponsorship. Started from nothing today Mr. beast net worth of $25 million.

Early Life

Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr. Beast was born on the 7th of May in 1998. He is from Wichita, Kansas. He was mainly raised with his brother CJ in North Carolina. Donaldson passed from a private secondary school named Greenville Christian Academy.  He dropped out of East Carolina University to give more time to his Youtube channel.

Professional Life

At the age of 13 Mr. beast first posted a video on youtube under the channel “MrBeast6000”. His early content is mainly based on gaming reaction, commentary on drama, reaction on videos, the wealth of you tubers, and pro tips for the upcoming streamers. In his early time on youtube, he made some appearances.

In upcoming years he achieved little attention due to his craziest intro. At that time he had about thirty thousand subscribers on the channel. During this time he dropped out of college. Although his mother is not with him Jimmy dropped out. That led him to leave his house.

His friends are very supportive of him. Four of his friends Garrett Ronalds, Jake Franklin, Garrett Ronalds, and Chandler Hallow were those friends who worked with him. They are regular in the beast video at that time.

In Mainstream

2017 is the year when Mr. beast came into the limelight after uploading a video counting to 100,000. It is a video of almost twenty-four hours posted. But generally, it is the forty hours long video which speeds up sometimes for youtube policy. As of now, it is viewed  25 million times.

In the very next month, he posted another subsequent video counting to 200,000 which is almost fifty-five hours long video.

In 2018 we all found the most famous digital battle T-Seris vs PewDiePie for the most subscribed channel. At that time he partnered with PwdiePie and bought numerous television and radio advertisements and billboards for PewDiePie to gain subscribers. During a football match “Super Bowl LIII” Donaldson booked multiple chairs for him and his team and which were painted as “sub 2 PewDiePie”.

In 2020 Beast organize a live event ”rock paper scissors” that streamed with thirty-two influencers and a whopping prize of $250,000. The event is a record still today for most-watched online live events with 662,000 views.

In 2021 Donaldson recreated the most famous drama series of 2021 Squid Game in the real world. Ther competed with 456 participants for the prize money $456,000 cash. This show was purely non-violence. Till today this video has over 245 million views. Also, it is the most-watched video of Mr. Beast and one of the most viewed youtube videos of 2021.

Mr. Beast Net Worth

So do you have any idea about how much money does mrbeast have?  Although he had a great tag of best philanthropic, Mr. Beast net worth of whopping $25 million.

Jimmy has a main channel “MrBeast” and subsequent five channels. His main channel has above 94 million subscribers and other than this “Beast Philanthropy”, “MrBeast Gaming”, “Beast Reacts”, “MrBeast 2”, and “MrBeast Shorts”.

Jimmy invested most of the money in the upcoming video.  A rapport suggests his main channel going with loss.

According to some analysts, said  Jimmy makes  $3million per month from youtube excluding video brand deals.

Mr. beast earns a minimum of $3 million per month from his youtube views. As an example, in the month of March this year, Jimmy uploaded 54 videos. Those videos gave him 283 million views. It gave $1.4 million of profit.

Jimmy charges $1 million per month to be the principal sponsor of his channel. In march 2022  the sponsor was credit bureau Experian. The previous jimmy had a sponsorship with brands like Microsoft and Electronic Arts.

Apart from this Mr.beast net worth’s a very big amount coming from merchandise sales.

Personal Life

From the ninth grade, jimmy suffers Crohn’s disease, a type of inflammatory bowel disease. For this, he had a long-term battle against it. Jimmy had to follow a strict diet to recover from it.

Maddy Spidell was Jimmy’s girlfriend. They met on Twitter. JImmy expressed his love for  Maddy in 2020 in a video  “Surprising My Girlfriend With 100,000 Roses For Valentines Day.” After this 50 million viewed video Jimmy and Maddy have seen many of his contents.


Jimmy started his philanthropy channel in 2020. As of now, this channel donates all of its revenue including merchandise sales and brands deal, and ad revenue to charity.

Team Trees

In October 2019 Jimmy Donaldson and Mark Robber started a joint venture on youtube called Team Trees. Her thy plants a tree for every dollar of donation. As of December 2021, they raised a sum of $23 million.

Team Seas

In October 2021 Jimmy and Robber again collaborate on a brand new project Team Seas. the motto of this project is to raise $30 million for Th Ocean Cleanup and Ocean Conservancy group. This whole amount of money will go for the removal of 30 million plastics from rivers, oceans, and beaches.


Mr. Beast has been nominated for several awards so far. In 2019 he won “breakout creator” in the ninth steamy award ceremony. Next year he won five awards in the 10th streamy award ceremony.

In 2022 he is the favorite male creator of the “2022 Kids’ Choice Award”.


Probably he had the secret key to youtube. He always engaged his subscribers and keep them happy. His attention-seeking titles thumbnails grabbed viewers’ minds. Mr. Beast has a massive fanbase. Mr. beast net worth is $25 million because of the massive engagement of his followers.

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