Top 10 Free Anime Sites For Anime Lovers To Watch Cartoons

Free Anime Sites

No one will find a person who does not like to watch cartoon shows or anime videos. Almost everyone is quite enjoying, watching anime shows today. However, children are the fondest of cartoon shows. They just loved to watch cartoon series all the day on Free Anime Sites. Kids enjoy watching imaginative characters and the world. They find that imaginative world real and often wish to go there to meet with their favorite cartoon characters. 

However, TV was the only medium to watch cartoons in our earlier days. However, as of now, we can enjoy watching cartoons shows on mobile phones and laptops as well. There are many websites available online which offer you to see your most wanted cartoons. One will find numerous anime sites for free to watch cartoons. Even some of the sites charge little money as well.

The sites to watch anime has a lot of features regarding cartoon programs. Most of the anime lovers choose a particular website just for their awesome features and screening quality. 

Hence, only the top anime websites will offer you the best quality and features to all its users. If you want to see all your favorite cartoon episodes then you must pick the best site to watch cartoon programs.

10 Free Anime Sites For You All

Now here we will discuss in this article about a few free anime sites, which does not charge any money for all of the cartoon videos. Let us take, a look, at those sites in detail.

1. Crunchyroll

This is one of the most popular anime sites presently. Here on this platform you can go for live streaming and can see all your favorite shows as well. Even in this site, you will be offered Asian drama, anime, and manga. Moreover, on this site, an anime lover can watch all the latest cartoon news as well. The site keeps its interface very simple for all the cartoon lovers. You can watch cartoon shows by specific categories. Even a pro version of this site is now available and in the pro version there will be no ads and you will get some additional features in the pro version as well. 


One of the best anime websites that we have today is It considered one of the largest platforms to watch cartoon shows. Here on this site, one will find different types of categories and different types of cartoon shows as well. You can see the cartoon programs anytime on this site and can download it anytime as well. You can download the videos from 240p to 1080p in quality. Nevertheless, the site never asked you to pay money, as it is free to watch cartoons. You can create an account on this site or not, this is absolutely your decision. However, if you create an account then it will be easy for you to get all your favorite shows instantly. 

3. Funimation

Other top best sites to watch anime is this site. Here on this site, you will get all the foreign dubbed anime shows to watch. However, there are lots of other cartoons shows available as well. You are not fond of watching foreign shows then you can watch other sections video as well. The only negative point of this site is that it often brings ads in the middle of the cartoon videos. This thing can disturb you very often, as it is a free site. 

4. 9anime

If you are looking for a free website to watch cartoon shows then you can take a look at this site. It is a free site to watch cartoon programs. Many people from different areas prefer to watch anime shows on this site. All the videos are available in HD quality and you can download the episodes in 1080p quality. 

5. AnimeDao

When it comes to watching quality video contents then this site scores at the top. All the features of this site are just amazing. From, quality to use and from loading the videos to readability, everything is perfect. The streaming is so smooth that you will enjoy a lot to watch cartoons. You can download cartoon videos according to your wish and quality. Even the dubbed version of the cartoon shows available on this site as well. 

6. Chia-Anime

The site is one of the websites to watch anime for all cartoon lovers. The site has come all the best features that an anime lovers look within a website. The interface of this site is simple as well as very easy to use. If you are an anime lover then you can watch cartoons on this site. One will definitely enjoy watching cartoon videos on this site. 

7. AnimeLab

This site is a legal and free site as well. Another one of the best websites is animeLab now a day. You can download videos from this site and even can select videos to watch later in your free time as well. Hence, for all the anime lovers this site will be a perfect option to watch free cartoons or anime shows anytime and anywhere. 

8. Anime planet

This anime-planet gains a lot of popularity among anime lovers. Most of the time people get interested to watch a cartoon show on a particular site if the site offers you all the needed features and facilities. Therefore, this site offers all the features and facilities to the cartoon lovers as well. If you want to have a better experience then you can watch anime programs on this site. 

9. VIZ

This VIZ is the best website to watch anime shows. You can enjoy it as well by watching your favorite shows on this site. 

10. AnimeHeaven

Now a day, everyone wants to watch cartoons on the best platform. Hence, you can see your shows on this site, as it is one of the best cartoon or anime website to see anime shows. 


Hence, here is some of the anime sites name for all of you. You can watch anime shows on these sites and can choose any of the sites as well. 

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