Top 5 Best Alternative Sites Of Kissanime To Watch Cartoons

Kissanime To Watch Cartoons

Who does not love to watch cartoon shows or programs on TV, mobiles, or laptops? From kids to old people everyone today is very much fond of watching anime or cartoons. Kissanime cartoon programs offer us full of fun, enjoyment, and even lots of laughs. Today, with the workloads everyone is dealing with some kind of stresses and depressions in their life. You can actually reduce all the stresses, tensions, anxieties, and depressions with the help of the anime shows or videos.

Today, watching cartoons are not limited to TV or mobile phones.  There are many online websites, that offer you to watch your all-favorite cartoon shows free in cost or some websites charge little money to watch cartoons. Among all those websites one of the best sites is kissanime. With the help of this site, you or your kids can watch cartoon shows anytime. 

Kissanime becomes one of the best online cartoon watching websites. It holds the user’s attention through these amazing features and video qualities. There are lots of people who watch cartoon videos daily on this site and take some pleasures. 

What is kissAnime?

For all the anime lovers, kissanime is a renowned name to watch online cartoon shows. It is a platform whether kids to adults; everyone can watch a cartoon or anime videos and links. This site first comes in the public in 2012. Within a few months, this site gains a lot of popularity with its amazing features. 

kissanime website offers its users different types of cartoon shows from different genres. One can live stream on this site and even can download all the loved episodes of a cartoon show anytime. 

After 8 years of free services to its audiences, the kissanime site finally shuts down in 2020. The site has many collections of videos and all those videos are available in free. 

Kiss anime now banned but the reason for its banning is still not clear. All the data wiped out totally. All the lovers of this site or people who loved watching cartoon shows on this site have been disheartened after the site shuts down. Viewers are from different countries and states come to this site just to watch cartoon videos. 

Advantages Of Watch KissAnime?

Now here we will tell you all about the advantages of watching cartoon on kissanime. Let us see these advantages in detail.

1. It is a user-friendly site. The interface was quite eye smoothing for all the anime lovers, hence they all loved watching cartoon series on this site. 

2. One of the best advantages of this is that it does not charge any money from its users and even to access this site, the site never asked its users to sign up or to subscribe. 

3. The site offers its users to download anime videos on different qualities including from 240p to 1080p. 

4. All the users of this site can download all the full episodes of their favorite cartoon shows and even go for the live streaming on this kiss anime ru site. They can download the episodes not only in mobile devices but on laptops as well. 

5. The homepage of the site holds many links. Even it informs its users, which are upcoming cartoon shows, which shows are going on and there is a separate section, where the site plays all the popular cartoon videos for its users. 

6. it is a vast collection of cartoon shows where there are available cartoon shows like romance,  horror, adventure, and lot more different sections. 

7. All the cartoon shows on this site are available in English dubbed and some of them are sub dubbed for its users. Moreover, the videos are full of HD quality. 

Top 5 Best Alternative Of KissAnime

Now in the below section, we will see some of the sites like kissanime in detail. Let us see those sites quickly. 

1. Crunchyroll

This site is one of the kissanime alternatives for watching online cartoon shows. Since 2006, it serves its services to its users. Many people regularly visit this website just to watch anime shows. It is a 100% legal a site and you can download anime videos and even can download it while watching. All the video clips are HD in quality. One will be impressed by watching its collection of videos. You do not need to pay any money to access this site. 

2. AnimeLab

If you want to see many collections of anime videos then this the best site for you. On this particular site, you will be offered different types of anime shows. This site is not available for all the countries and there are some restrictions on using the site. The site works only in Australia and New Zealand. 

3. AnimeFreak

Without signing up or paying money to this site, one can watch anime or cartoon shows here. There you will find a good collection of cartoon programs. While talking about the interface of this site, then site divided into A to Z section, where you can search any particular anime show with their names. 

4. Chia-Anime

After kissanime banned, many people prefer to watch cartoon shows on this Chia-anime site. This site offers the same features as other websites give. There is a Hugh collection of videos on this website and you can watch it and download it anytime on any devices. 

5. GogoAnime

It is another alternative of kissanime ws. With time, this site takes place in the hearts of the anime lovers. This site provides all its users a dubbed series of cartoons in different languages. It is famous for its all action, gaming, and adventure types cartoon programs. Even it offers all its users to watch animated web series as well. To watch cartoon movies or animated series, you will not have to give money to the site. Moreover, the users of this GoGoAnime site loved watching cartoons on this website. 


Hence, here are the best websites, which are kissanime alternatives as well to see cartoons. If you are in search of a good site then you can pick any of these sites to see anime shows. 

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