Day: 8 March 2020

A security contractor with ties to the Trump administration recruited ex-spies to infiltrate left-wing campaigns and labor unions

Erik Prince, every so often unofficial information to President Trump, worked to recruit former spies to infiltrate left-wing organizations, The New York Times reported. Undercover operatives recorded leaders in liberal campaigns and organizations in an attempt to free up wisdom that will harm them. The operations were spearheaded by the

Microsoft doesn’t require a college degree for entry-level jobs — here’s what the company looks for instead, according to execs (MSFT)

Jobs at Microsoft are extraordinarily sought-after, alternatively, many entry-level positions don’t require a college degree. The company avoids ruling out applicants in line with prior credentials, focusing instead on relaxed skills and a willingness to learn. According to executives, this implies helps bolster vary at Microsoft. Microsoft is one in