832 Area Code: Location, History, Time Zone, Scam, More Info!

832 Area Code

832 area code number is mainly served within the area of Houston City, and other includes cities are League City, Pearland City, Sugar Land, Pasadena, The Woodlands, Attascotia, Missouri City, and the city of Baytown.

A 2.2 million populated city, Houston is the home of space research. The Texas located city is also known as “Space City”. Almost 4700 energy-related companies in the area code 832. Moreover, Houston has also been nicknamed the Energy Capital of the World.

Moreover, Houston is a business hub in the US and a well-decorated catholic city. Besides, Houston is only after New York City in housing the most significant number of Fortune top 500 companies. Different types of industries boost the economy of the area code including energy, healthcare, aerospace, biomedical research, IT, tourism, manufacturing, trade, and many more.

In addition, one will get the famous and delicious dish Tex-Mex Cuisine. Also, the city has two airports, some famous theatres, art galleries, museums, and many more.

Location of 832 Area Code-

832 area code number is mainly served within the area of Houston City and includes other major cities are Missouri City, League City,  The Woodlands,  Pearland City, Sugar Land, Pasadena, Attascotia, and the city of Baytown.

The area code 832, shares its boundary with some of the other codes like the 713 area code, and some others area codes. Moreover, this area code covers some other cities like LA Porte, Pecan Grove, Seabrook, Brookshire, Highland, Pinehurst, Channelview, Rosenberg, Stafford, and many others.

History Of 832 Area Code-

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States. Literally, it has to be more than one area code to serve. And then here is the past of the area code 832.

In the original plan of the North American Numbering Plan in 1947, area code 713 has been created for the southern part of Texas which includes the city of Houston. But as the population increases southern part of Texas facing a shortage of numbers. Before they introduce the new area code 832 in 1999, they split the area code 713 three times. Moreover, the 832 code joins the other existing area codes 713, 346, and 281. At present thy enjoyed four area codes at the same time.

The area code 713 mostly served the landline number of the city and very few wireless connectin mobile. But on the other part, the 832 area number is mostly used in wireless connections. Almost 14% of the area code is used on wireless mobile-only in Houston city. The 14% of the total population means almost 300,000 people currently using the 832 area code number.

Time Zone of 832 Area Code Number-

Most of the Texas city areas follow Central Time Zone. Excluding El Paso, Hudspeth, and some parts of Culberson city, which follow the Mountain time zone.

832 area code mostly falls in Central Time Zone. Houston follows Central Standard Time. It calculates as per Coordinated Universal Time or Greenwich Mean Time(GMT)  as GMT / UTC – 6h. They calculate this only other than during the summer season. In the months from late  November to early March.

 In the summertime, they follow GMT/UTC – 5. It is only because of daylight saving. The summer period is from late March to early November. These months come under Central Daylight time(CDT).

Most Mexico and North American people, follow Central Time Zone. So if you want to connect with anybody in Houston, calculate local time and working hours, because local time differs very much and most business helplines will be in the local time zone.

Scam About 832 Area-

The scam is a popular topic in current times. As technology advanced, both use and misuse have increased. Scammers are finding new topics to scam every day. Generally, they pretend they are calling from banks or any other financial institutions. And try to know your personal information.

In recent times we found some reports on scams in the 832 area code including Microsoft Technical support.

In this area code, scammers call people and leave the call with a voice message. If that person calls back or replies to the voice message, they confirmed the target and trying to scam.

Scams can happen anywhere anytime with anyone. So always be alert every time. Don’t call back any unknown number. Moreover, don’t give any personal information over the phone. Because anybody from a bank or any other financial institution never calls you for support.

So if you facing something like a scam call, cut the call immediately, report the scam, and block the number. 


There is a lot to enjoy in the 832 area code. You can find the Space Center of Houston. On the other hand, the Houston Museum Of Natural Science is also a great attraction for those who loved the space. Other enjoyable places like Houston Galleria and Houston Zoo.

Moreover, Houston is the best place for both tourism and business. Getting a prestigious area code number as the business number will surely boost business.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)-

1. Is the this area code a toll-free number?

No, the 832 area code number is majorly in Houston. Toll-free numbers do have not any definite location.

2. Which Time Zone 832 area follows?

Central Time Zone or Central Daylight Time.

3. When this area code come into the market?

Since 1999, it is in the market.

4. How does One call the 832 area code number?

One has to dial 1+832+seven digit number to call.

5. How do I avoid this area code mobile scam?

Always be alert. If you ever faced, cut the call and block the number.

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